You have to be living under a rock if you haven't heard about the recent ongoing feud between James Charles and Tati Westbrook, a YouTube beauty guru that practically helped Charles launch his career. Westbrook called out Charles for his entitled and predatory behavior that has since gone viral, causing him to lose millions of subscribers and fans.

First off, I just want to say that I have NEVER been a fan of James Charles. I think he is incredibly talented, and I admire his work, ESPECIALLY because he's a male in the makeup industry. I think his role in society is extremely important because it breaks down many gender barriers and normalizes men wearing makeup.

However, in 2016, Charles appeared on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" and stated that he retook his senior portraits with special lighting in order to make his highlight look better. His senior photos went viral and allegedly caught the attention of CoverGirl (who made Charles the first ever male CoverGirl).

It was later alleged by former ex-friend Thomas Halbert that Charles lied about this entire incident and that it didn't actually happen.

When I first saw him appear on the show I could tell something was off about him. Then, when the text messages between Halbert and Charles were released confirming his lies, my skepticism was justified.

James Charles only entered this industry for attention, fame, power, and money.

In 2017, Charles was slammed for making offensive comments about contracting Ebola in Africa, and he was later accused of being transphobic for saying that trans men aren't real men.

To me, these statements make James Charles racist and transphobic.

Charles announced his first-ever national tour in April of 2019. He was thrown into hot water yet again when tickets for this tour went up to $500. Who was ever about to pay $500 to see sister James play with some makeup and sing Demi Lovato with a frog in his throat? There are SO many better artists and celebrities that are way more affordable to see and meet than James Charles.

Finally, the most recent scandal that's been all over the media is the James-Tati saga. Tati Westbrook made a 43-minute long video titled "BYE SISTER" that detailed all the wrong Charles has allegedly done over the past few years. Basically, what prompted her to make the video was Charles posting a video on his Instagram story advertising gummies for Sugar Bear Hair, one of Westbrook's main competitors. She felt completely betrayed by this because Tati was essentially his mentor and guide throughout his entire career.

In this video, Westbrook accuses Charles of numerous things — from bashing certain beauty influencers to making inappropriate sexual remarks to preying on straight men that weren't interested in him (which James would apparently say he could get anyone he wants because he's a celebrity).

All of these things that are pervading the media right tell me that James Charles entered the beauty industry for all the wrong reasons. I believe he was initially driven by passion but was later brainwashed by all the power and fame he was receiving, and he allowed that to progress his career instead of his passion for makeup.

You should NEVER enter the public eye simply because you want to be famous — this includes entertainment media, film, theater, the beauty industry, or anything that garners public attention. It is WRONG, and it will easily come back to bite you in the ass.

James Charles is arrogant. He's conceited, deluded, and unfortunately abuses his talent in all the wrong ways possible.

Let your passions drive you to success. I think James deserves everything that's coming to him. Humility will get you far. Don't forget that.

James Charles, you are canceled. Forever.