Ixalan in EDH: Final Spoiled Mythics

Ixalan in EDH: Final Spoiled Mythics

The second part of Ixalan's Mythics have finally arrived!

Two weeks have passed since the last time we looked at the spoiled mythics, and things have changed a lot. Exactly seven more in-set mythics have been printed, as well as the Planeswalkers from the Planeswalker decks that will be included in this list. While these inclusions have added a significant amount of flavor to the story, they didn’t add a whole lot that will impact EDH in a strong way. Just like last time, we’ll start with the Planeswalkers, then move on to the new Legendary creature, and finally the miscellaneous other cards.

Huatli, Dinosaur Knight

Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage

This Jace is something a little more appealing. I’d pick up your March of the Machines now before people start to see the potential to be had there. Sure, two card combos are breakable, but Teferi, Temporal Archmage has already shown how scary being able to untap a large number of things can really be. Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage, March of the Machines, The Chain Veil, and a number of artifacts or creatures that can create five mana is just one more infinite combos to add to the list. While it may be very card-intensive, having access to any amount of mana or draws is never a bad thing, especially since it culminates to you being able to steal all of your opponents’ creatures. Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage is everything Huatli, Dinosaur Knight isn’t: good.

Huatli, Warrior Poet

While not as fantastic in EDH as Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage, it’s certainly leaps and bounds ahead of the other Huatli. Planeswalkers are printed with Standard and draft in mind first, which means that many of them are hard to work into EDH. With that in mind, I do believe that Huatli, Warrior Poet was printed at a good power level, but it, unfortunately, doesn’t do much for EDH. Her plus is definitely a decent ability, it just might not make the biggest impact on the game. Boros decks that have a focus on life gain may want to run this if they go narrow, but this card looks like it will be phased out of decks after some experimentation with it. The ultimate has the potential to get your creatures in for the final swing, but Boros traditionally makes tokens. If you’re going wide, then removing some blockers might not change much. Overall, I think Huatli, Warrior Poet is a fair card, but I don’t think it brings a whole lot to the table.

Vraska, Relic Seeker

Of all the Planeswalkers being printed in this set, Vraska, Relic Seeker definitely appeals to me the most. The fact that her plus puts her up two is always a good thing, especially since she comes in with 6 loyalty. Without being focused down, this card will be harder than most to just wipe off the board. The 2/2 with menace that it brings is much like Huatli, Warrior Poet’s 3/3: Neither is going to drastically change the game, but something is always better than nothing. The -3 is especially good in EDH. The fact that it can check three different card types is just perfect. And of course, I can’t forget the ultimate. I’ve spent a few games clinging on with just one life, and it is supremely unpleasant. Every player wants to be the one to knock someone out, especially if it’s as easy as dealing one damage. Even if you can’t finish them off after dropping them to one, I guarantee that someone else at the table will be more than happy to do it for you.

Vona, Butcher of Magan

I’m having such a hard time evaluating this card. My problem with it is the same one everyone has: ‘Activate this ability only during your turn’. I’m going to lean on the side of this card being good, but I doubt it will ever be worth more than $5 after Ixalan starts being opened. A five drop 4/4 with two keywords is definitely more than fair. It gives you a chance to swing, gain four life, then blow up something, making it close to a Vindicate on a stick. It also has the benefit of being a Vampire and a Knight, which are very common and popular creature types. Because of this, I feel like Vona will be a deck players build when they’re looking for something to do, not because they want him to be the next amazing thing. He’s a good card, just not a great one.

Overflowing Insight

I cannot trust this card in the slightest. Seven mana is just too much for a hard cast. While I understand that one mana for one card is an insanely good deal, I wouldn’t want to draw this card three turns in and sit on it. If you do manage to hard cast this, you’ll want to be able to do something else with what you’ve drawn. It’s a blue spell, you’ll be drawing counterspells or combo pieces. Another downside is the fact that it says ‘target player’; this may be an issue that’s not too common, but I play in playgroups that use Misdirect, Redirect, and Wild Ricochet. There’s just too much risk involved in this card for me to be happy with it. When I first saw it on the poorly photographed leak sheet, I thought the casting cost was UUUU, and I was absolutely elated. That’s a mythic level draw spell, that’s real power. I understand that paying four for seven cards is absolutely nuts, but a part of me wanted it to be that nuts. Without an X in the casting cost, this card will be dead in your hand more often than you’d like, and I’d suggest staying away from it.

Dire Fleet Ravager

It’s hard for me to be mad at this card. Five for a 4/4 with Menace and Deathtouch is so rude. I thought First Strike and Deathtouch was mean, but this is plain rude. Four damage isn’t the end of the world, but if its owner is playing blink effects, they’ll probably want it gone. Dire Fleet Ravager is either forcing a board wipe, a kill spell, or double blocks. This is the kind of card that takes the focus away from combo pieces while also having a fun ETB. I’ve always loved Heartless Hidetsugu, so this just adds to the mess. Good bait, funny card, but it will most likely be phased out of most decks over time unless you play against life gain decks.

Wakening Sun’s Avatar

An 8 drop board wipe? I’m going to pass on this one. The reusability of the ETB, being in a color that’s strong with blinking, and tribe-specific destruction makes it a choice pick for decks that can abuse it; it’s just getting it on the field and keeping it there that can become an issue. Much like Overflowing Insight, you’ll need to be able to not only cast it but protect it as well. I expect to see Wakening Sun’s Avatar hit the table every now and then, and I expect it to hit hard. Maybe I’ll get the chance to see someone use it in a way that makes me fear it, but for right now, I see it as a slow-moving card that does the same job Wrath of God can.

Axis of Mortality

With the poor taste left in my mouth after some of the previously mentioned cards, it’s hard for me to even get excited for this one. Axis of Mortality does seem like a fun politics card, and do plan on running it just for fun. It’s quirky in the sense that it’s a ‘may’ ability, so you can hold on to life totals if you feel like it, but I feel like it could have been a funnier card if you were forced to do it. It’s just another trigger to keep track of, and it could potentially get you out of a pinch, but I rarely play games where swapping life totals can mean the difference between life or death, especially at your upkeep. During most games, my opponents and I spread the pain around and keep everyone at rather similar life totals. If this is not the case for your table, I’d suggest giving it a shot just for laughs.

This list wraps up all of the mythics from Ixalan, meaning we won’t see anything new until late December and early January. A few more products will be coming out between now and then, and I hope to continue creating articles about them as they appear. For now, we’re stuck with Ixalan, and I think I’ve set my opinion as ‘alright’. There’s nothing particularly terrible about it, but it’s also no diamond in the rough. I’d rather take an okay set over a bad one any day.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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