I've Accidentally Turned Into A Blogger, And Somehow It's Working Out

Every time I try to quit writing on Odyssey, another genius article idea comes up and I am stuck once again writing an article close to the deadline, or in this case way past the deadline and the leadership up top is still letting me submit stuff (again, I really don't know how I haven't been fired yet, but that's another article for another time).

The title pretty much sells itself. I am liking this more get straight to the point thing, I might stick to it. Sure, I need to BS more words until I hit that magical 500-word mark, but anyway I digress, let's get to the real article.

So as the title says, I accidentally turned myself into an Odyssey blogger. I really didn't think this platform was meant for that until I saw the views I was getting. I made the interesting decision to only write articles every other week, mostly because my creativity doesn't carry on from week to week, and I have my full-time job traveling everywhere hosting golf tournaments for the kids. If I were to be honest though, the laziness I've had writing stuff for Odyssey the last two or so years is increasing at a rate that stockbrokers would kill for if we were talking about the market.

The weird thing is I've shared fewer articles, yet the views remained still very high. I'm averaging an estimated 50,000 views in the last month. Just in the last three weeks, I've averaged 22,000, and I haven't released anything during that time. I am not giving these stats to gloat - it's more of a what the heck am I doing to get this many views. I'm not trying to outreach to a lot of people - at least not near the number of people I tried to reach while I was still in college.

Odyssey has taken more of a backseat to where it's becoming more of a write at your own leisure and hope the editors and HQ don't kill you. Then I think about it now, and I've realized that no matter what I try to do, they haven't fired me yet so I guess it's okay, right?

So what was the point of this post? Well, the content of my articles is definitely going to change. Who knows what I am going to be writing about since I am busy with this new job. If I get views on an article, great, more money in my pocket. If not, that's fine, writing is just an afterthought at this point.

Expect more posts like this because Odyssey is turning into Buzzfeed and I am not sure how I feel about it. Trying to stand out in a crowd is something I take pride in, regardless if it gets attention or not. Original content will always be there, friends. It just depends on if I am willing enough to share it to the world or just keep it to myself.

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