Since the day I graduated high school I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I knew why I was going to college, I knew where I was headed after school, and nothing was going to stop me. And now here I am, my sophomore year, and still know that I want to get to the same place. But something has changed. I've been thinking about chasing a dream that I've had since I was a sophomore in high school, and that dream looks really, really nice.

It's no secret that I have a driving passion for sharing the love of Jesus Christ. It's also no secret that I have fallen in love with the United Methodist Church, and that I seek to do it's work each and every day. That I've been so focused on being able to be in vocational ministry in the United Methodist Church that often I don't allow myself the opportunity to do things that usual college students do. Things like parties and dances and staying up late on a Saturday night. (Who am I kidding, I'm usually in bed by 8:30.)

But, what is the secret, is my passion for writing. And if you've known me for a while this wouldn't be a secret. But if you've met me in the last few years, you may not even have a clue. For me, writing is not only something in which I can express myself, but also it's a healing process. It's a healing process for different feelings, different thoughts, and sometimes it just lets my brain relax after a long day at school.

What I'm trying to say is this. It's time I started to follow my heart. It's time I quit thinking practically (to a certain extent) and I take the time to see where my passions, my loves, my heart can take me. What I'm saying.....what I'm saying is I won't be pursuing a Master's of Divinity in the Fall of 2019, but a Master's of Arts in Literary Studies.

In no way has this decision been made lightly. In no way am I saying that my time in the United Methodist Church is over, because we all know that I couldn't stop even if I tried. But what I am saying, what I am doing, is taking the time to see where my writing career could take me. I'm stepping back from all the craziness that is a vocational ministry career path, and doing something that I haven't done often. I'm doing something for me.

I'll still be at Annual Conference; I'll still be in the workshops and extra laity classes. And soon enough I will be walking the scary path of candidacy. Who knows where this could take me. Who knows the doors this could open for me, and for my future. I know that everything will work out in it's own time. That I will end up where I need to be.