It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I asked a few of my friends this question.."what does Christmas mean to you?" As you can all imagine they all said pretty much the same things like Family and presents! I am going to share with you all some of their responses!

Ryan says "Um, probably spending time with family and friends, being in a better mood, and just trying to be better to people in general."

Ashley says: "Christmas used to mean opening up presents from Santa and then going over to my uncles house and playing with my little cousins but growing up my perspective has changed and now it means the one time of year my family can ALL get together and actually make memories TOGETHER! I love the fact that now I get to play the roll of "Santa" and give to others, I love making people happy that Alone is such a rewarding feeling. It's the best present of all and that's what Christmas means to me

Courtney says "It means that you get to spend time with family and it's not all about getting presents.. it's just the amazing time you get to spend with your family."

Isabella says: "For me, Christmas means having all of my family over for dinner, playing games and messing with each other in the warmth of someone's home. I love to have my family over for dinner and to see them all. During the year you don't see everyone very often, but to have my whole family in one place for the holiday is something very special to me. Everyone makes time in their day to come celebrate, and it's fantastic."

Tyler says: "Christmas has always meant a lot. Always been my favorite holiday and time of year. As a kid I loved waking up on Christmas to seeing all the presents Santa brought, and then going to my grandmothers for dinner and time with the family. Then as I got older, Christmas meant a little more. Now all I look forward to is being around my family and good friends. And having a boyfriend and a while separate family to spend it with. Made me realize Christmas means a little more than just getting presents and that it's all about being grateful for your family and all that you have along with it"

As you can see, they basically all said family time! I mean i don't blame them i love family time!

I asked myself the same question i asked all of them, and here is what i have to say that it means to me! Christmas means to me waking up early, opening up gifts, having a homemade big breakfast that my dad cooks! It also means to me getting to see my entire family in the span of two days, i adore family time, i love watching my nieces and nephews open up all their gifts that santa got for them!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year i dont care what anyone says!

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