It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Yet Again

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Yet Again

I really love Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is over we can talk about all the reasons to get excited about Christmas.

1. Literally, everything is festive

From the movies on t.v. to decorations at everyone's apartments, people get into the holiday spirit a lot quicker than you think.

2. It is the one time of year everyone is nicer

I don't know, I just see people get into a more giving spirit around the holiday season. You see people more willing to give to those who can't afford things during this time of year. I'm just a giving person in general so the holiday season makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

3. If you don't get in the spirit, who are you?

Do I literally need to say anything else?

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25 Things Every Millennial Woman Wants Underneath Her Xmas Tree

*hint, hint*

Believe it or not, Christmas season is upon us! *cue the Christmas music*

OK, maybe it's a little early for that but never too early to start the Christmas wishlist. Here are a few items that may be at the top of your college student's wish list.

1. Starbucks gift cards

The multiple weekly trips to Starbucks are starting to add up. One of the best gifts I could receive this Christmas is money added to my Starbucks account to fuel my ability to get through this next semester.

2. Any gift card really

Let's be real, as a broke college student, the less money I have to actually spend at the grocery store/Chipotle/Panera/anywhere the better. Gift cards are a gift from God because you can get exactly what you what without the stress of having to pay for it!

3. Leggings

Lulu Lemon, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, whatever your preference on leggings, they are essential to everyday life as a college student, yet a very annoying thing to have to purchase on your own so getting them as a gift is definitely a treat.

4. Socks

Lame, I know but so essential. Bring on the fuzzy socks!

5. Candles

If we're being honest these are probably banned in all of our apartments/dorms but we've probably burned at least two all the way down already this semester so we could use a couple new ones. Stress Relief from Bath and Body Works and Volcano are the BEST.

6. Big sweaters

Absolutely essential to get through the winter. Name something comfier than a giant sweater, leggins and fuzzy socks. It's not possible.


This one is a given. Probably the best gift a college student could receive.

8. New shoes

Whether it's new running shoes, Hunter Boots, going out shoes, you can never have too many and these are always on my wish list.

9. Subscriptions to monthly care packages

So I just recently discovered that this is a thing. You can actually subscribe college students to receive monthly care packages. How amazing is that? There's nothing better than checking your mail during a hard week and discovering a care package with snacks.

10. Snacks

Another lame one I know but seriously snacks are another annoying thing to buy yourself in college so when it comes from someone else, they're even better. You can never have too many and they save us so many times throughout the semester.

11. Mugs

If your college student is anything like me, you already have 18 coffee mugs but each one is important to you and you can NEVER have too many. There's just so many cute ones out there!

12. Cute decorations for the future apartment

Whether the student is currently living in an apartment or will be next year, a cute decoration or two is such an exciting thing to receive and will fuel our eager desire to start designing.

13. Coffee

The key to survival in college, and expensive for us to buy on our own so again, such a great gift to receive this Christmas.

14. S'well water bottle

These are so trendy right now and so necessary for college students to take with them, whether it's to class or to the gym.

15. Makeup

If you know your student well and know their favorites, this is a great gift idea.

16. Books

Okay this one perhaps is risky. Some find this one of the greatest gifts of all time, especially if you happen to get them one on their wish list or it could perhaps be not such a great gift if the student isn't a "reader."

17. Scarves

A great "go to" gift. You can never go wrong with getting a college girl a stylish infinity scarf.

18. Subscription to Spotify

Nothing is more annoying than the $5-$15 that comes out of our bank accounts every month but you could change that by covering that cost for us ;).

19. College Apparel

One of the greatest gifts for a college student is more t-shirts/sweatshirts to represent their school because lets be honest, you can never have too many.

20. Blanket

Nothing beats a soft TJ-Maxx blanket to keep one your bed. This is guaranteed to make your college student happy without breaking the bank.

21. Phone case

If your student is anything like me, they get sick of their phone case pretty quickly and its always exciting to be able to switch things up.

22. Gum

Okay yes, this one is a little weird but gum is essential after your morning coffee and goes pretty quickly so its always nice to have some extra packs laying around when its needed.

23. Nail Polish

Nail polish is one of those things I never buy for myself but is essential and new colors are always an exciting gift to receive.

24. Candy

The ultimate "stocking stuffer."

25. Love

When in doubt (or if you're broke), love is the greatest gift of all!

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39 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Don't stress over finding the perfect present for your woman, because everything a girl could want is right here.


As a girlfriend, I always look forward to the holidays or events where you receive presents from your significant other. Not that I love material things, it is just a great way for them to express how much they care about you.

My boyfriend has always done a great job when it comes to gifts and a lot of the things on this list are things he has gotten me in the past.

So here are some ideas for any guys who aren't quite sure what to get their lady or for any girls who want to share this to give their man a hint ;)

(For best results, mix and match a few of these.)

1. Flowers

2. Chocolates or favorite candy/food

3. Stuffed animals 

4. Gift card to their favorite clothing store

5. Gift card to a place that you can enjoy together 

Restaurant, theater, etc.

6. Cute socks 

7. Candle 

8. Heart felt card

9. Date night box

Fill a box with specific date night essentials. For example, Movie, popcorn, candy, pajamas, for a movie night together.

10. Face masks

11. Movie  

Buy her a movie you saw together or if you know of a movie you know she really loved or wanted to see.

12. Fuzzy blanket 

Fuzzy socks, fuzzy pillows. Girls love everything fuzzy.

13. Toys for their pet (If they have one)

14. Wine or favorite alcohol 

15. Make coupon book

1 free back massage, 1 free favor, etc.

16. Succulent 

17. Picture frame with a picture of the two of you 

18. Jewelry 

19. Lotion or perfume

20. Hand made craft

Paint or draw them something. It means so much more than a store bought gift.

21. Gift card to spa or nail salon 

22. Decorations for their room  

All girls love cute little knick knacks. TJ Maxx has the hook up.

23. Cute Mug 

You can even fill it with tea or hot coco.

24. Salt lamp 

25. Lava lamp

26. Diffuser and/or Essential oils

27. Nail polish 

28. T-shirt from her favorite band/artist/movie 

29. Poster of her favorite band/artist/movie

30. Cute new phone case

31. Hair accessories or products 

Scrunchies, bobby pins, hairspray, etc.

32. Art supplies 

Canvas, paint brushes, etc. Or supplies for any hobbies she has.

33. Monthly subscription box

It's the gift that literally gives all year! These are subscriptions such as Ipsy, FabFitFun, etc.

34. Donate to a charity or organization she is passionate about, Ivory Ella, etc. When you buy from Ivory Ella they donate a % to saving elephants, and if you donate to WWF you usual get a present as well, that can be part of your gift to show you donated.

35. Star map of the day you started dating

36. Matching friendship bracelets or necklaces

In relationships it is important to remember that you are best friends first.

37. Promise ring 

What girls love more than jewelry is jewelry that means something special!

38. Matching Underwear

39. Cook her a nice meal

Honestly, the best present is just something that she can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into. It isn't always about how expensive the gift was, it is just about how much you know her and the time you put into giving her a really special gift.

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