Stop looking at Pinterest and creating a board on all of the tattoos that you like and would maybe one day get. I had that board too; I still have that board, but it's time to do something with it. Go find a reputable tattoo artist and ask them to design something based off of your interests. I can almost guarantee that you will like the first design or the changes they'll make to it.

But you're not ready for a tattoo! You don't have one that you know that you will absolutely still love in 20+ years! How can you get one if you aren't sure? You will never be sure that you will love your tattoo forever. You might not love it down the line, I know I don't love all of my tattoos, but they still tell a story about where you were as a person at that time. That should be enough. Being able to look back at who you were should be enough to get you over that fear, not the idea of coverups or removal.

Getting a tattoo is one of the easiest ways you can face your fears. I personally hate needles, but tattoos are nothing like the needles that I'm used to- I'm looking at you, blood donation needles. For anyone who shares my fear of needles, trust me, this is the least terrifying thing you could do. I know you could donate blood (and you should!) but maybe start with getting a small tattoo first. It's what I did, and I fell in love with tattoos. Sadly I can't help you with any other fears. You're on your own trying to face your fear of spiders.

"You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way." -Jennifer J Freeman

Freeman is right, you deserve to stop standing in your way. Get a beautiful tattoo and fall in love with it.