We are all guilty of counting down the minutes until the very last moment before summer finally hits so we can throw out our backpacks in exchange for some flip flops (or Birkenstocks, whichever you prefer) and beach towels.

However, now that the time is finally here, I'm left wondering what exactly I should be doing? It's been a whopping four days and as nice as it is to lay on the couch for hours on end watching countless episodes of "How to Get Away With Murder," I have started to catch the dreaded cabin fever.

Yes, I've left the house, folks, but only for a few hours at a time to do small errands or to meet up with people for a few hours at most. With a good majority of my friends either still in school (semester system > quarter system) or left the county to go back home for the summer, I have been finding it hard to do just about anything.

Maybe this is just the typical beginning of summer funk but I am extremely unmotivated to get just about anything done. Which has been causing me to wonder just exactly how I should get myself off that couch and get those "summer vibes" started.

1. Set an alarm

I've literally been sleeping until 1 PM the last few days because hey, I can so why not? But honestly, waking up in the afternoon is probably the worst feeling ever. Setting an alarm will cause you to feel more conscious that you should get up and get your day going. Yeah, you can always just turn off the alarm, but won't you feel bad about shutting it off? Wake up!

2. Make yourself breakfast

Honestly, it sounds obvious, but this is what you got to do to fully wake yourself up and make you feel like you have your life in order. Or at least, whenever I eat/make breakfast I feel like I am one step closer to conquering the day. Just me?


Don't lay around in your pajamas all day. I have done that on many occasion and yeah, it's nice sometimes, but day after day? No. Put on some shorts and sandals and get ready for the day!

4. Make plans

You're probably thinking, "yeah obviously?" But seriously, even if you have no plans with friends, make plans with yourself to go out and run a few errands, clean your room, do your laundry, anything to make you feel more productive.

5. Do it

I have this tendency to make plans either with friends or with myself and either waiting until the last minute to get ready to see other people (and looked and feel gross) or just not following through with the plans I set for myself. I, instead, just lay in my bed watching Netflix, which basically skips steps 2 & 3. Not good. Follow through with plans; no matter how small or big. By yourself or not.

Now go out and live that fantastic summer life. Enjoy the fact that finals are over and you are no longer in a library crying over thousands of concepts that you won't remember after you hand in your test.

Happy Summer!