It's ok.

As the semester has come to a close, it's easy to feel bad about your failures. Coming from experience, giving up can be the best thing to do sometimes, even though from birth we are taught that we should never give up. Some people don't see the obstacles though. Whether you failed a class this semester or lost/quit a job, or whatever it may be, just know that it's going to be okay and that you have every right to give up.

When it comes to classes, it can be tough. Sometimes we give up or fail a class because we don't have the time or motivation, or life simply gets in the way and we are forced to give up what we want most. And that's fine.

Just be sure to gain a lesson from the way you react to your failures. Too many people get caught up in their failures that they don't see the opportunities that are right in front of them. They think that because they've given up that they can't pick everything back up and try again, but you can.

Failure comes to everyone.

Some of the biggest successors in the world came from failure and trial and error. Take Oprah or Einstein for example. Neither of these people had great lives or ideas of what they would soon become in their later years. They even failed multiple times, but that is what makes you succeed.

And it's because of these failures that you appreciate the victories later on. Giving up doesn't mean that you have quit everything. It simply means that you are a human who has needs that need to be met and are more important than a class you can't keep up with or a toxic job that you work for. Mental and physical health should come first and if giving up is the only solution to better your health, then give up.

Being in college is hard. Expect to fail. Expect to give up. It's completely natural and more common than you think. Even if you've never failed or given up before, you will now. You will soon understand the hardships of battling classes with work, extracurricular activities, bills, a social life and whatever else that you may do.

And these things may seem small, and they can be, but they feel the worst when it comes to giving up. It almost seems as though you can't even keep up with the small things in your life. But don't let that stop you either. This part of your life is a time of learning about yourself and what you can and can't handle. When enough becomes enough.

Appreciate these moments in life where you give up and fail because when the time comes and you succeed, you will understand that this was simply just a small milestone in your life that you overcame.

Just remember to learn from your failures, however small or big they may be, and to try.