I constantly listen to people tell me how hard it would be to be an only child. They say things like, "wow you must be bored, all of the time" or "I can't imagine what it must be like to not have siblings, that would stink." Well people, in reality, it's better than you think. I've spent the last nineteen years picking and choosing my siblings and it's been pretty great, here's why.

1. The Friendships I have Are Deeper and Stronger

Being an only child leaves you with no choice but to make some really great, really strong friendships. I completely understand that there's nothing like the bond between siblings but when presented with a really great friend, it's hard to go wrong. Only children value a good relationship more than anything else. We care and we want you to care for us too. The best part is that after spending ten straight days together, when you're ten seconds from biting your friends' head off, you get to cool off in your own room, in your own house, alongside your own parents. My lifelong friends are the closest thing I have to siblings, and for all intensive purposes, they've done a really great job of being brothers and sisters.

2. My Relationship With My Parents is Unbreakable

The whole "all eyes on you" thing can be challenging at times, but not having a sibling to blame a spill or break on has made my sense of responsibility go through the roof. There are few things greater than getting to feel the undivided pride that comes from your parents with a great test grade or award won in school. Spending a good chunk of time with my parents and their friends has taught me how to communicate with adults, handle myself in mature situations and own up to mistakes I've made. My parents will always be parents first, but after a while, they started to fill the role of brother and sister, too.

3. I have my own bathroom

This little statement deserves its own header. I know what you're thinking, "only children just don't know how to share", and in some instances, you may be right, but in others, you are very much wrong. There's something great to be said for being able to take anywhere between a 2 and a 20-minute shower without any complaint. Having your own space is absolutely fabulous and no one can disagree.

4. Petty sibling fights are non-existent

No siblings mean no silly fights over breakfast foods or broken pencils. Having a peaceful morning before school is way nicer than you'd think. There is no need for silly arguments or sleep deprivation induced anger. The people that serve the role of siblings for me, are in their own space, bothering their own siblings when it's early and they're tired.

5. My creativity is through the roof

There's something to be said for having to entertain yourself at all hours of the day. My ability to craft, create, and write are three abilities I directly attribute to being an only child with endless time. Without the chance to fill empty time, who knows where I'd be.

6. I got to "adopt" the kiddos I babysit

I am hands-down the proudest of the youngest siblings I chose. I have been able to create unbreakable relationships with the kids I grew up babysitting. I've gotten to help with birthday parties, participate in school events and have sleepovers when I was way too old to be having sleepovers.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an only child. I have learned so much from not having siblings to lean on. Next time you "feel badly" for an only child, talk to them, they may be doing way better than you think they are.