"A Royal Christmas"

"Holidays With Holly"

"A Bride For Christmas"

These titles are far from Christmas classics. Yet, these are the sorts of titles I yearn for as soon as it is deemed socially acceptable to watch Christmas movies.

Nothing makes it feel more like Christmas to me than Hallmark movies.

Getting married after knowing each other for a week. Saying "I love you" before the two main characters have even kissed. Characters named "Holly" or "Nick."

These are only a few of the classic aspects of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

As soon as the movie has begun, the end is already clearly in sight. However, that doesn't make them any less addicting. The predictability instills a comfort that cannot be found elsewhere.

Since they're so predictable, too, they're much less of a time commitment than a traditional movie. Miss ten minutes? No problem - it'll probably only take about two minutes to figure out what you missed. Watching movies in bits and pieces is part of their charm.

No matter what, you always know there is a happy ever after waiting at the end.

Sure, the main girl will meet her love interest about five minutes into the movie. Yeah, the rich, job-obsessed guy is always the "bad guy." She may have a fiancé at the beginning, but not for long. Something wrong, but not totally unforgivable will happen about thirty minutes from the end, but you always know an emotional proclamation of love and a kiss in the snow will soon follow. If we're really lucky, there'll be a Christmas wedding just before the end credits!

Seeing one Hallmark movie is just like watching all of them, yet they never lose their charm.

I'll always love true Christmas classics like "White Christmas" or "Rudolph." However, these will never compare to my love for Hallmark Christmas movies.