It Is Football SZN

Living down south, football has become an integral part of my life. August through November of each year consists of nothing but college football, and this season can't come soon enough. Being at a school with an SEC football team has been one of the best experiences of my college career so far. You feel part of something bigger than you are, and it's almost like being part of a family.

Tailgating is a much-anticipated part of Saturdays, as people are able to get together and think about something other than school or work. My personal favorite part of going to a football game is seeing all the families and alumni present and seeing how prideful they still are in their school.

The first football game for Mississippi State is this Saturday at the Superdome in New Orleans. I'm a little sad it's not a home game and I won't be able to attend, but I'm still very excited to see the Bulldogs playing again. Mississippi State will be playing the Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns. Last year, the Bulldogs beat the Cajuns 56-10, so hopefully, we can get a similar outcome this year.

I can't wait to dress up in maroon and white again and put my cowbell to good use again. I'm sure everyone is just as excited as I am to get back into football season and see their team play!

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