It's the end of the semester, and we are all just about checked out mentally. Actually, let's face it, we've been checked out since spring break. Finals week is upon us and that means there are about three papers due, six tests to study for and a 10-minute presentation that must be perfected. It's stressful, and I'm sure it's exactly what hell looks like. But, there's nothing we can do but face the storm and pray we come out on the other side.

We have all summer to live it up—one week sober (of Netflix, obviously) won't kill us.

The worst part is forcing ourselves to sit down and begin the initial studying. But once the position is assumed, cracking that book open only seems natural.

Find a place that motivates you to get work done.

My personal favorite is an authentic coffee shop like Buddy Brew. Starbucks works too. There's something calming about the smell of coffee that puts me in the mindset to stay focused.

Don't stay up all night.

Forcing a whole semester's worth of information into 10 hours at the library is actually counterproductive. Your body needs sleep just as much as you need to study.

Take breaks—treat yo'self.

You don't have to kill yourself all week to land an A. Study in increments and do things in between that you enjoy. I, for example, like to shop in between my study sessions. I somehow feel less guilty about spending money if I'm getting good grades.

Don't don't don't procrastinate.

We all do it. So while this tip is almost always ignored, being proactive is truly a wondrous thing.

Find a study technique that works for you.

Whenever I have a test with more information than I could possibly handle, I try to write everything down. Physically writing things down on paper kills two birds with one stone. It's like studying the information twice.

Reward yourself.

I tell myself that I can have a brownie (or 10) if I finish my paper. Works for me.

Imagine where you'll be this time next week.

Reminding ourselves that all of the stress will wash away in a few days actually helps with the current stress. When I realize that finals week is just a temporary hell, it seems a little bit less miserable.

We've got this.

It's only one week of hard work. We got through an entire semester without making it to our graves, we definitely can get through this next week. Summer is upon us, and as much as we want to head to the beach and start our vacations early, we need to crack down on our responsibilities first.

Best of luck to everyone. It's almost over.

Then summer classes start.

But those barely even count, right?