It is crazy how fast a good day can turn into a terrible day. My little sister and I went to dinner and then made our way to Target to find our mom a birthday gift. While at Target I had texted my best friend and asked him to hang out after I was done shopping. My little sister wanted to tag along too.

After we had finished our shopping, we headed home because my best friend needed to take a nap. After receiving a text that he was awake, I grabbed my Cards Against Humanity game, and my little sister and I headed over to his house. We all gathered around his coffee table and played the game for a couple of hours. After dominating in the game, we had all mentioned that we were hungry. So, we headed to Steak N Shake, since it was the only placed open after midnight.

For once, we had a pleasant server and enjoyed our visit. After eating, we made our way up to pay. My best friend paid for his meal, and he even paid for my shake with a free coupon he had. Then I paid for my bill. We both stood off to the side and waited for my little sister to pay for her's. My best friend was on his phone and I was looking at mine as we both made our way to the car. I had gone out the door first. I stood with the door open waiting for my best friend to exit, and I stood there waiting for my little sister to exit too. As I stood there with the door open, and man in his late thirties, wearing a camo jacket, wasn’t paying any attention and went to come in as I was holding the door open.

He came face-to-face with my best friend. At this point in the story, I should mention that my best friend is a gay male. The man in the camo jacket had told my friend to come back towards him and took a step towards my best friend. At this point, I had taken a step towards the man in the camo. Then the man in the camo looked at me and said, “Are you opening the door for your lady?” My stomach dropped and I went into fighting mode. I looked the man directly in the eyes and said, “It is 2017 and I can open the door for whoever I feel like.” He turned back towards me and said, “A man should open the door for a lady.” The man in the camo jacket went to grab the door from me. I stood there holding the door wide open and did not move. The man in the camo jacket turned to me and said, “You must wear the pants in your family.” He then opened the second set of doors as my little sister left the restaurant and said, “A man should open the door like this.”

This was the first time in my life where I had been brought down a peg. I have never been more offended and hurt in my life. My best friend and I were being harassed while just trying to leave a restaurant. I do not understand why people think it is okay to make judgmental comments about things that do not have anything to do with them. What is the point of opening your mouth?

I do not know what the man in the camo jacket was going to get out of the situation. I do not get why the man in the camo jacket had any right to make the comments he did. I thought by 2017 people would learn how to respect one another. For my 20 years of life, I have always thought that people were beginning to accept all different types of people. I thought that people were beginning to move forward from harassing and judging people. But after this incident, I have begun to lose my faith in people.