5 popular products that are worth their expensive pricetag
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5 Must-Have Items That Are Totally Worth Their Expensive Price Vs 5 Items That Are Not

What's worth it to you?


Is there a product or popular brand item that you've recently been eyeing or have added to your wish-list and you just can't seem to get yourself to buy it? I always seem to debate or fall into the trap of whether or not an item will be worth it's expensive marked price.

With that in mind, in order to persuade others to not make the same mistake of buying an expensive product that ends up not being worth it, I decided to create a list of products and subscriptions that I have either previously purchased or thought about purchasing. These popular brand products happen to be a bit over my ideal price range, some of them exceeding my expectations and some of them not.

1. WORTH IT: North Face backpack


Buying a backpack that comes with an expensive price tag is totally worth it. For me personally, I have had my North Face backpack since my junior year of high school. As I wrap up my freshman year of college, with my backpack still in perfect shape, I can't help but be glad I spent the money I did. Walking 20 minutes to class lugging my laptop, math textbook, english book and notebook in my backpack, and it still hasn't ripped or become worn out? I think that says it all!

2. WORTH IT: Birkenstocks


Buying my first pair of Birkenstocks a little over a year ago might be my best purchase yet. They have been through a lot in the past year. From 10 days abroad in Italy and Spain to being worn almost every single day in the summer, they are still in magnificent shape and despite the first couple of days breaking them in, they are also so comfortable. Not to mention, they can go with any outfit ever, dress it up or dress it down!

3. WORTH IT: Spotify Premium and Hulu bundle


Downloaded songs, no ad interruptions, choose any song at any time, with unlimited skips all for 4.99 a month included with Hulu AND Showtime streaming services! What more could you ask for? Now I know this under $5 price is not expensive, but it happens to be a common debate among people my age. I'm here to say being a college student definitely has it's perks when it comes to this Spotify bundle, and I highly recommend purchasing this while you can.

4. WORTH IT: Lululemon leggings


Over the past couple of years I have questioned why some girls chose to purchase Lululemon leggings for the starting price of $98, when you can get almost the exact same pair of black leggings at Old Navy or another similar store for half the price and even cheaper. Well, at least I thought. As a fairly new Lululemon owner, I now know the obsession and craze these girls have. The incredibly thick and soft material is like no other. You truly don't know how great they are until you have a pair of your own. They are definitely a game changer and because I get a lot of use out of them, I would say they're 100% worth the price.

5. WORTH IT: a memory foam mattress topper


Speaking of game changers, a memory foam mattress topper has not only made falling asleep feel like you are laying on a cloud, but I now consider it to be a college dorm room necessity. I found mine for almost $80 at Bed Bath & Beyond. While this is an intimidating price (and something to debate on getting and questioning if it is worth it or not), I can guarantee you that for something, aka a bed, that you use every single night, it can make a huge difference for a good night sleep.

6. NOT WORTH IT: Hunter boots


Coming from someone who has never purchased a pair of Hunter boots before, this may seem a bit biased. Either way, I have found great rain boots from consignment stores and Target, which are only $30 and happen to be the ones I currently own. I would much rather pay $30 than $140 for the name brand. Plus, you can only wear rain boots for so little time and you might as well save up that extra $110 for something that will get more use.

7. NOT WORTH IT: wireless headphones


Okay, so I know what you may be thinking. Why would AirPods not be worth it? I debated on whether or not I should include this in the 'WORTH IT' list, but from someone who doesn't own AirPods, I thought it would only make sense to support my fellow wired headphone friends. I am doing just fine with Apple's wired headphones, and don't have the urge to spend anywhere from $160 to almost $200 on something I don't need. It may be a want, but for now, I will keep trudging along untangling my headphones as I walk to class.

8. NOT WORTH IT: Youtube Premium


For $11.99 a month, you can stream music, view Youtube videos with no interrupting ads, and watch new and original series/movies. In other words, Youtube preimum is similiar to the Spotify and Hulu bundle, but costs more, especially if you are a college student and only pay $4.99 a month for Spotify and Hulu. Personally, I don't mind watching a 5 to 30 second ad before a Youtube video and have no problem listening to music through other streaming services. With this in mind, I don't feel like paying a monthly fee for Youtube Premium is worth it, unless it is your only plaform for music and/or TV series/movies.



With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Redbox and OnDemand, it can be hard to come to terms and purchase a DVD for over $20 when Netflix is only half the price per month and allows access to over thousands of movies and TV shows to choose from. Plus, who knows if DVD's will even be for sale in the future.

10. NOT WORTH IT: Hydroflask


Before owning my Hydroflask I was on the lookout for a decent water bottle that comes with a straw and will keep the water cold for several hours. I was so intrigued by Hydroflasks and finally caved into buying one for the crazy expensive price of almost $40. I regret buying it now knowing that this price is way too expensive for a water bottle. In fact, the straw lid comes separately for another $10. Paying a total of $50 for a water bottle that, not to mention, dents easily is not worth the price and I would recommend searching before settling.

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