I was so worried when I left America that I would get homesick easily. But I was surprised that this was not the case.

The language is beautiful, as well as the accent when people speak in English. 

2. It's gorgeous.

3. It is simply magical in every way.

4. They have the most amazing food.

5. I felt so content and at peace there.

6. Everything is so easy to get to—you can walk most places!

7. Music or anything loud is forbidden to be played after 10pm.

8. Everything around you is art, or looks like it could come from a painting. 

9. People are very helpful and nice.

10. The culture, or I should I say pace, is slow. 

The people there take their time to enjoy everything- the sights, the food, the wine, etc. It's very leisurely.

11. It is romantic as hell.

I was so content being in Italy; it was like a dream. I was actually sad I had to leave Monday night. I choked up with tears lol. I also choked up with tears when I got there, but those were happy tears lol.