Currently, I am lucky enough to be studying abroad in Florence, Italy!! What better way to earn credit hours abroad in an amazing country? I haven't even been here for a full week, but I've already learned so many different things about Italy. Here're just a few:

1. Cars love to honk.

As soon as we left the airport, we went outside to get a taxi. There was a traffic jam and the Italians were NOT pleased. Everyone honks at each other, although it really does no help. But the honking didn't stop just there. Cars are always honking at each other for the most random reasons such as going too slow. The cars drive incredibly risky here yet they somehow never hit each other.

2. It's either move or get hit.

On the topic of cars here, this statement is very true. They do not care that you're walking in the street, they will just keep moving. So this is just a warning ahead of time.

3. Walking all day every day

The walking feels endless but you find some truly amazing places along the way.

4. You will want to buy everything.

Everything is more expensive, but everything just looks so much better here than it does in America. Limit yourself and you should be fine, but just know you will want everything.

5. There's always wedding photos being taken in front of the Duomo

The Duomo is a hot spot for tourists. You will find at least one person taking a picture in front of the Duomo every day. However, for some reason, I just so happen to have seen wedding photos being taken there every day I have been here. I mean heck, I want my wedding photos in front of the Duomo too. But it's pretty funny how this happens every day.

6. There's practically no A/C ANYWHERE.

One of the downsides of Italy. However, I promise you'll get used to it. You end up relying a lot on electric fans and open windows.

7. You're constantly thirsty.

And since there's no A/C, of course, you're always thirsty! However, another downside is that water is never free and it is rare to get ice served with your drink. But when you get a cold water, it's one of the best feelings.

8. Dogs. Dogs everywhere.

I can't even tell you how many dogs I have seen here. But it makes me happy beyond words.

9. The food is incredibly fresh.

People were not kidding about how good the food is here. It. is. AMAZING!! You can just taste the freshness in the pasta and the tomato sauce. And don't even get me started on the pizza.

10. You will eat gelato every day.

It's so good, it's not too heavy, and you love it from the first bite. I even found a place where gelato is only one euro a scoop! Score!

11. Everywhere you turn there's a gorgeous view.

This is no joke. Everything here is so beautiful.

12. I love it.

I haven't even been here for a week and I'm in love. I can't believe I get to spend a month here. If you have the chance, come to this beautiful place. You won't regret it.