Hey Readers,

I want to focus on resting spiritually and emotionally. There is more to rest than just the physical; when the physical isn't being re-energized, neither is the spirit or mentality. It takes a lot to be able to recognize when you need a break from everything.

Sometimes, it's not always possible to go on a vacation or a small getaway from daily activities. However, I truly urge you to set aside time for yourself. What good is getting everything done rapidly if you get burned out? I hope this piece personifies how important it is. Rest and restore yourself- physically, mentally, and spiritually. Please take care.

It wasn't that she didn't like to talk

For hours and hours could pass before she realized

She had to part from her friends

It wasn't that she refused to go places

For the green trees and soft breeze brought her security

It wasn't that she gave up on her goals

Nothing in this world would come from staying still

Never acting on the dreams that kept her happy

In it all, she liked, wanted, and pursued

But her spirit has limits

In her spirit, she needed rest

The happenings of her daily routine

Takes its toll on her

And encourages the energy she gives to everything else

To slide away, beckoning the call of sleep

It wasn't about long naps or ten hour slumbers

It wasn't about being mean or secluded forever

It was about balance

She wasn't leveled out in her mental or spiritual needs

For to be in a space of peace and quiet

To be "off the radar" so to speak just long enough

To restore

To be

To breathe

To rest

Her bones yelled for calming steadiness

And then, energy would

Revisit and thrive once more

It wasn't that they wouldn't understand

It wasn't that anyone wouldn't support it

But would she recognize when she needed time to recollect herself again?

It was imperative

It was necessary at least

For it wasn't that she wanted to be rude

But she needed her mind and spirit to be in sync

Rest and restore