I'm Not The Next Wendy's Or Common White Girl Account, But Having Followers Is Pretty Cool

I'm Not The Next Wendy's Or Common White Girl Account, But Having Followers Is Pretty Cool

Having an audience to engage with is pretty fun.

I have never been an avid user of social media. Nobody wants to see a million pictures of me doing homework or studying, which is a problem considering that school consumes just about the majority of my life. So, aside from special moments in my life and the occasional retweet or commentary here and there, I have spared my followers from updates that they don't really care about. I've used platforms like Facebook and Instagram to scroll through in moments of boredom or to catch up on the news. That's about it.

Early on in the past semester, I had to make my own Twitter account for my communication class. We had to tweet every day of class to get points for attendance. It was our professor's way of encouraging us to build a professional social media presence, which is clearly beneficial, but I was reluctant because I felt that I simply did not have anything interesting to say. I did what I had to do, though, and made it through the year with a decent account. Still, it definitely wasn't anything special. My attempts to keep it professional went a bit beyond necessary, and in effect they took away one of social media's key components: personality.

Over the past couple weeks, though, I have begun to appreciate social media in a new way. With summer break came more free time. I started spending more time scrolling through Twitter and realized that there is a lot more to it than updating people on where you are, what you are doing, or who you are with. In a way, it can be used as a form of entertainment. Some people are truly skilled at composing humorous, thought-provoking, and compelling tweets. I decided to give it a shot and tweet any clever or witty thoughts I had, and while I'm not the next Wendy's or Common White Girl account, it's actually pretty cool to have an audience for the thoughts that come my way.

Although I'm no social butterfly either, it is also sometimes nice to use Twitter to keep up with old friends (not so much family- that's what Facebook is for, right?). It is a great way to stay in touch without forcing anything, and gives plenty of opportunity for casual conversation. After years of mostly scrolling, I had forgotten about the true purpose of social media: communicating!

Communicating with close friends is one thing, but something I had long been skeptical about is communicating with people that I don't know. With Twitter being such an open social media platform, though, I have gotten to know many amazing people with similar interests. It is also a perfect way to reach out to those who you might not otherwise be able to contact, like favorite artists and other idols. Simply following them is also a great way, and in most cases, the only way, of keeping up with them.

While social media is undeniably common among millenials, if you don't have it or use it, maybe it's time to give something like Twitter a chance. I could come up with a list of complaints about it, but overall, it is a lot more interesting and useful than I initially gave it credit for. It might not be love at #myfirsttweet, but it's definitely worth a try.

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TheSunVanished Is Terrifying, Exciting, And Very Much Inspired By H. G. Wells

Twitter is the best modern story-telling medium.

If the sun disappeared and monsters began to roam the pitch-black streets and Twitter was your only reliable way of contacting the outside world, what would you do? The Twitter account TheSunVanished tries to answer this question in one of the most creative pieces of multimedia fiction I've ever seen.

After hearing about the account, I finally delved into it a few days ago and it is a wild ride. From disturbing flashing lights caught on film to home intrusions and mistrust, this story has everything a good horror story needs. No one has a clear idea of what is going on, adding another layer of mystery.

To avoid speculation, we're going to try and dissect the story using just the facts, starting with the first tweet where we get any solid information, a video the owner of the account took of a news report.

The television has a caption that reads "RIOTS BREAK OUT AFTER SUN DISAPPEARS" and a reporter detailing what has happened. Then, a loud, low noise rumbles and the camera turns towards the darkness.

This is the first hint at the strange beings haunting this world. The second comes from when TheSunVanished ventured outside for the first time since the sky went black.

We hear a noise again but see nothing except a red, flashing light. Next, we get confirmation that the entire sky is dark, not just the sun. Next, we find out that the flashing lights chase people. From there, TheSunVanished hears something fly overhead and comes into contact with one of his friends.

Next, we get an image of a man standing outside completely still and a warning from TheSunVanshed's friend.

We find out that TheSunVanished's friend is currently stranded on the highway but is still alive. While TheSunVanished waits for him, (s)he notices a light downstairs and goes to check it out. Once it catches sight of TheSunVanished, it starts blinking red.

From there, TheSunVanished stays away from the downstairs and open windows as much as possible but the beings know that (s)he lives there now. The beings break-in.

TheSunVanished then sets up some basic alarms and notices his/her friends is acting funny. (S)He begins to question the friend to see if he can confirm his identity.

TheSunVanished is still going and still surviving. If you're interested in following this "War of the Worlds"-esque adventure, I'd recommend checking it out here!

Cover Image Credit: TheSunVanished

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do not doubt good days are on their way

Wild flowers don't bloom without a little rain and sunshine, that goes for you, too.


In a stressful moment, it may be impossible to see past the bad. Because when life hands us a troubling, challenging situation, bouncing back immediately isn't usually in the picture. With a chaotic schedule, bills that are due and a mind that needs rest, life can be daunting and discouraging.

Whether you recognize it or not, you've bounced back from most of the misfortunes in your life. You've been a problem solver for your own life, and maybe others.

Even if you've succeed in finding peace just to be set back the next day, that's okay. What matters is that you've tried to make a better life for yourself despite the odds being stacked against you.

That's not to say that there are always bad days. At some point in each of our lives we've been somewhere uncomfortable, in a mental state that was troubling, or a place where we've felt nothing but fear.

Maybe, you're still in that place.

You haven't had your epiphany, and you haven't woken up unafraid of what's to come.

Maybe you've just come out of that place.

You could even potentially be on your way to greatness right this second.

No matter where you rest, it's important to remember that good days are coming. Today could be a good day, tomorrow could not and vice-versa.

It's important to remember and believe that good days are coming.

You can call me crazy but like most people in the world, I know how dark it can be. I also know that believing good will come is the sole reason you may come out of the dark place you're in.

That belief alone could be your only hope, the driving force that helps you get to where your happiest, most peaceful place.

You may have an entire day full of beautiful peace, or maybe even a brief moment. I hope that you can find solace in the little wonders in the world in case finding full days of happiness is hard.

Not everyday will be a good day, not everyday will be a bad day. But if you can remember your best days, if you can smile when you see the sun peaking through the clouds, your burdens will lessen.

It's hard to believe that the smallest things will bring you peace. They will, they were put on this earth for a reason. Wild flowers don't bloom without a little rain and sunshine, that goes for you too. So try to find a little bit of good when you're stressed out, upset, feeling down or hopeless.

This recognition that there is still good in the world will help you through the troubles that are weighing on you.

The moment when your mind and body find peace again will come, and a rush of relief will wash over you. Positive minds will find positive vibes. "Thoughts become things."

You will find your way to happy, better days if you put full faith in the fact that they will come.

I can't tell you exactly when but I do know if you continue to believe in the good in the world, good will fall into your hands when it's least expected.

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Photo by Rob Morton on Unsplash

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