Issue Of The Week: The Session Of Lies Reloaded

Issue Of The Week: The Session Of Lies Reloaded

More lies are added to the mix as Jeff Sessions lies further about Russian collusion developments.

With a continuation of hazy details, Jeff Sessions continues his series of denial regarding the controversies surrounding his involvements in orchestrating the involvements of Donald Trump with the Russian government. Tuesday marked yet another instance of the denial, as the further presentation of details regarding his aide arriving with a proposition to host a meeting with Russian officials were brought up to Sessions, to which he admitted to the events potentially occurring. However, he subsequently followed up said allegations by stating that he “swiftly rejected” said propositions.

This is the second time there has been some form of an amendment to his testimony, only adding to the drama and controversy. The development only reinforced the ambiguity of the circumstance, as the development did nothing to clarify a potential result to the conflict but rather only add more fuel to the fire. This adds to more investigations that need to be done regarding the controversy.

Special council investigations, however, bring up a much more different story. Evidence has shown that Sessions orchestrated meetings with his aide to discuss Russian relations and held round-table discussions regarding setting up a meeting between Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin. The defense? It was tantamount to lying worse than a high school student. Sessions stated that he had no clear recollection of what exactly was said at the meeting but recognized its existence, albeit being very clear about his personally adamant rejection of the alleged plans.

Conservative Republicans have come to his defense, stating that Sessions was not representative of any wrong doing. This support carried over from earlier this year where they shielded Sessions and refused to affirm a replacement upon President Trump’s desire to fire him. However, the Democrats certainly do not feel the same. Heavy criticism was presented toward the red flags in Sessions’ behavior as well as the consistent barrage of inaccurate statements.

Although this type of behavior is not new to Sessions, his suspicious behavior regarding such a volatile and sensitive topic is extremely alarming. Such a level of ambiguity in any case is always a case of suspicion, and given the context, it is certainly a cause for alarm. Further investigation is extremely necessary to find the concrete truth about the exact dealings that took place, as it is a matter that concerns the immediate presidency.

Alternative propositions and controversies are certainly a cause for scrutiny, such as the Uranium One controversy that plagues Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. However, the lack of presence of Hillary Clinton at the direct position of the United States Presidency is the exact reason why the collusion with Russia controversy requires so much more attention.

The presentation of an alternative controversy that requires attention seems like a justification for conservative politicians as an excuse­ to not have to address the issue at all, which is a regressive perspective. Using other issues as leverage to seem like they are on the right side of the issue is simply to bolster and feed one’s ego, not resolve a problem that is presented. Such a perspective can be extremely damaging not only to the pursuing of the Russian collusion fiasco, but also the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton as well as all other controversies that already have been presented. Desensitizing an issue does not make for an effective platform to solve it; just look at racism for proof.

Instead of running away or fighting to bolster egos, problems must be resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible to preserve the very idea of a democracy.

Author’s Note:

This is just as a disclaimer, but this is the last Issue of the Week for the foreseeable future! Thank you to all the readers who read my work and showed your support, I would not have done it for so long without you. Thank you once again, and Carpe Diem!

Cover Image Credit: Aaron Kittredge / Pexels

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'As A Woman,' I Don't Need To Fit Your Preconceived Political Assumptions About Women

I refuse to be categorized and I refuse to be defined by others. Yes, I am a woman, but I am so much more.


It is quite possible to say that the United States has never seen such a time of divisiveness, partisanship, and extreme animosity of those on different sides of the political spectrum. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are saturated with posts of political opinions and are matched with comments that express not only disagreement but too often, words of hatred. Many who cannot understand others' political beliefs rarely even respect them.

As a female, Republican, college student, I feel I receive the most confusion from others regarding my political opinions. Whenever I post or write something supporting a conservative or expressing my right-leaning beliefs and I see a comment has been left, I almost always know what words their comment will begin with. Or in conversation, if I make my beliefs known and someone begins to respond, I can practically hear the words before they leave their mouth.

"As a woman…"

This initial phrase is often followed by a question, generally surrounding how I could publicly support a Republican candidate or maintain conservative beliefs. "As a woman, how can you support Donald Trump?" or "As a woman, how can you support pro-life policies?" and, my personal favorite, "As a woman, how did you not want Hillary for president?"

Although I understand their sentiment, I cannot respect it. Yes, being a woman is a part of who I am, but it in no way determines who I am. My sex has not and will not adjudicate my goals, my passions, or my work. It will not influence the way in which I think or the way in which I express those thoughts. Further, your mention of my sex as the primary logic for condemning such expressions will not change my adherence to defending what I share. Nor should it.

To conduct your questioning of my politics by inferring that my sex should influence my ideology is not only offensive, it's sexist.

It disregards my other qualifications and renders them worthless. It disregards my work as a student of political science. It disregards my hours of research dedicated to writing about politics. It disregards my creativity as an author and my knowledge of the subjects I choose to discuss. It disregards the fundamental human right I possess to form my own opinion and my Constitutional right to express that opinion freely with others. And most notably, it disregards that I am an individual. An individual capable of forming my own opinions and being brave enough to share those with the world at the risk of receiving backlash and criticism. All I ask is for respect of that bravery and respect for my qualifications.

Words are powerful. They can be used to inspire, unite, and revolutionize. Yet, they can be abused, and too comfortably are. Opening a dialogue of political debate by confining me to my gender restricts the productivity of that debate from the start. Those simple but potent words overlook my identity and label me as a stereotype destined to fit into a mold. They indicate that in our debate, you cannot look past my sex. That you will not be receptive to what I have to say if it doesn't fit into what I should be saying, "as a woman."

That is the issue with politics today. The media and our politicians, those who are meant to encourage and protect democracy, divide us into these stereotypes. We are too often told that because we are female, because we are young adults, because we are a minority, because we are middle-aged males without college degrees, that we are meant to vote and to feel one way, and any other way is misguided. Before a conversation has begun, we are divided against our will. Too many of us fail to inform ourselves of the issues and construct opinions that are entirely our own, unencumbered by what the mainstream tells us we are meant to believe.

We, as a people, have become limited to these classifications. Are we not more than a demographic?

As a student of political science, seeking to enter a workforce dominated by men, yes, I am a woman, but foremost I am a scholar, I am a leader, and I am autonomous. I refuse to be categorized and I refuse to be defined by others. Yes, I am a woman, but I am so much more.

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The Modern Republican Party Has Lost Its Morals

The party of morals and values seems to have forgotten both of them.


For years, the Republican party has hidden behind a facade of being the party of morality. They tried to justify their opinions of women's rights, gay rights, abortion, marijuana laws, transgender rights, and so many others based on the sham that they were the party that stood for morality and traditional values.

Where are those morals and values now?

I thought that the end of the Republican party's title of moral and values would end after a vast majority switched to Team Trump, even after they had completely renounced most of his more extreme views and pre-candidate actions during the campaign. How could a party claim be moral leaders when they support a man who not only holds such extremist, poorly thought out policy ideas that also has a bevy of incredibly immoral behavior in his past?

The Republican party claims they base their views off the 10 Commandments, but Trump has spent his entire life breaking every single one. Even Ted Cruz, a man I respected for not officially endorsing Trump and telling Republicans to "vote their conscience" at the RNC, was making calls to voters in favor of Trump on election night. After the party almost uniformly switched to supporting Trump, I did not think that the party could get any lower than that.

The face of a man who just realized that he will sell his soul for tax-cuts and the repeal of Obamacare

Boy, was I wrong?

While the party switching to supporting Trump seemed like a moral valley that Republicans could not come out of, I was pleasantly surprised by how much resistance certain parts of the party were willing to create to Trump's agenda. His more controversial candidates for cabinet positions were placed under actual scrutiny and his plans for health-care reform, tax cuts, and other staple Republican talking points were defeated thanks to the backlash from key Republican defectors. As I witnessed this, I was hopeful that the Alt-Right wing of Republicans were the real ones that were the problem and that the majority of Republicans would find the moral courage that they have prided themselves on for so long.

Then, Brett Kavanaugh came to town.

I won't go into length here about the accusations against Kavanaugh or the truth behind his victim's story. In fact, it does not really matter if he is truly guilty or not. What does matter is how he reacted and how Republicans reacted. Before Dr. Ford even set foot on Capitol Hill, Senators like Mitch McConnell were already giving speeches about how they will get Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Then, Brett Kavanaugh is given the opportunity to plead his side of the incident to the committee. Instead of showing the temperament and critical thinking of a judge worthy of serving on the highest court in the land, Kavanaugh acted like a drunken frat boy angry that a woman could dare accuse him of such an act. And yet, the Republican party yielded their morality and voted him in.

The Republican party's morals have dropped so low that they are willing to push through a candidate with ill-temperament and sexual assault allegations just so that they can have a conservative on the court. The Republicans could have easily united to deny Kavanaugh and then have a more conservative, less controversial judge be confirmed, yet they were scared that the Democrats would hold off the confirmation until after the midterm elections where Democrats are expected to gain enough seats to actually upset Senate votes.

In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan's pick for the Supreme Court Douglas Ginsburg withdrew his nomination because he had smoked marijuana in his teenage years. I suppose that this represents the moral abyss that Republicans have fallen into marijuana use is disqualifying from the Supreme Court, but sexual assault is not.

With the midterm elections coming up, it is incredibly important to make sure that you are registered to vote and that you go vote. This midterm election can finally be a wake-up call to the Republicans currently in power that we will stand for the moral bankruptcy no longer. No matter which way you vote, make sure to vote for your values. Whether you are supporting a Democrat, a dissenting Republican, or a third-party candidate, make sure to send the message loud and clear: the modern Republican party is no longer the party of morals and values.

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