In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that devastated areas in Texas and Louisiana, the United States yet again was bracing for Hurricane Irma, and it was a catastrophic one at that. Hurricane Irma was expected to be one of the largest and strongest storms in history. Hurricane Irma was predicted to hit the state of Florida, with many other predictions of it also affecting the coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina. Nevertheless, I can not stress enough the importance of getting prepared for this massive storm and the many others during Florida's hurricane season (which FYI runs from June 1st to November 30th). Following hot pursuit after Irma is Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia. Collectively we need to get the word out there of how seriously it should be taken. Not only should we be concerned with the possible natural disasters in the moment but how we should be concerned with it at all times.

Our planet is undergoing global warming - whether you are a climate change denier and dispute that human activity is contributing to the problem or if you believe it is a natural process, it IS happening and we can do things to prevent further damage to our planet. What is done is done so what is wrong with trying to care the best we can for our planet before more super storms arise? To politicize the issue of climate change to me is absurd, but it does happen often. With scientific evidence pointing to the causation of the climate change phenomena, I have to ask others, what do they think politicians will get out of being a climate change believer or a climate change denier? Lobbying on behalf of clean energy should be a *positive* issue. Advocating for being green friendly and urging clean energy solutions will not only prevent further destruction of plant Earth but has plenty additional benefits. We can also protect our citizens providing them with with tons of new jobs in the green friendly and clean energy industries that have been and are expecting to continue to grow. Utilizing our resources safely and at a a cheaper cost should be the way to go. Engineering to help low lying areas of the United States against rising water levels to prevent massive flooding and storm surges are beneficial. As for being a climate change denier, in what way could this be a terrible idea? Assuming that it is a progressives way of conspiring does not make sense... being pro-earth for the sake of what? Money? OR how about to sustain life for generations to come, keeping our beautiful globe natural and clean, and perhaps even to help generate jobs/the economy for being a supporter of Earth seems like a pretty good idea to me.

If we do not continue policies and practices that help reduce the severity of global warming then we will continue to see potentially deadlier storms of all kinds. We should prioritize possible storms at all times, not only in desperate times. So yes, we ALL should be prepared for these calamities and prayers for recovery and safety go out to those who have been or will be impacted by these hurricanes but keep in mind - the issue of our planet is not a Democrat or Republican issue but an issue for ALL of humanity.

P.s. Do your research and donate to charities who can directly help the victims of these disasters. Please donate or help out in some way during this crucial time.