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Tinder For A Day

Sorry mom and dad.

Tinder For A Day

Social media is booming. Everyone knows there are apps for everything... even dating. Although many people don't want to meet online, it is often where they turn to because it seems the simplest way to go about things. Instead of going on a blind date in real life, one can message people online until they find the right match. There are all sorts of apps that provide the dating scene; ChristianMingle, Zoosk, and Match have become more popular. But, for some broke college students, paying isn't an option, so they turn to Tinder. Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative connotations about this. Because it is free, those who aren't serious can log on, swiping all rights (like) and no lefts (dislike) to find a match. In this way, it is true that a lot of people just want a hookup through the app, but I decided to try it out and see if there was more to it.

On a whim, I decided to download the app when a friend using it said it was fun. I promised myself that if anything got too weird, I would delete the app without hesitation. Upon creating my account, I was very purposeful behind the pictures I chose. It was like a science to me. I wanted to appear fun and approachable, so I found a picture of me throwing up leaves in the air. I also felt like people needed to know what I looked like, so I chose one of the few selfies I have. Lastly, I selected a picture with a friend to show that I enjoy hanging with other people. I made sure that none of my pictures were suggestive of a hookup in any way. In my bio, I said "It's a hard knock life..." (from the musical, "Annie"), and "professional vine referencer, gifted napper, dog lover." I clicked finish and all I could do then is wait and swipe.

It was fun at first and I was surprised at the volume of matches that came as time went along. I know that I was very particular in my swiping. If one appeared so much as a little bit sketchy, I was definitely swiping left. It was an instant confidence booster, but it became apparent to me that a lot of it was based on looks. Some guys completely left out a bio, others had a slew of shirtless pictures. To say the least, it was off-putting. The guys I matched with though, seemed very respectful. They were all within 5 miles of me because of my settings (I wanted to stick to meeting new people at my University), and I was very careful about the message I was sending about myself. Of all the guys I matched, I didn't have a problem with any of them. It was a Tinder miracle.

In a rating on the app, I would give it a "Good?" After my one day of using it, I deleted it due to my lost connection with reality. Online, there is no risk. People can say whatever they want. But in real life, if a man comes up to talk to you, it means that he would rather face rejection than lose the chance of talking to you. Tinder was all very different from meeting in real life, and people could appear any way they wanted to, but it is a good option for those looking to try something different. Again, if you are looking for something serious, I would recommend a different app that requires a fee, because of the many people on Tinder who are there for the hookup culture. All in all, it was a great confidence booster, but it got under my nerves after awhile. I kept wondering: Is this what modern dating has come to? It's basically a less dramatic "Bachelorette." I'm here for empowering yourself, but it is much more realistic to connect with someone in person. Have fun with life and stop searching for love, because it will find you when you least expect it.

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