Is SMS Marketing dead?

Is SMS Marketing dead?

Not exactly! But definitely to some extent.


Companies have been using SMS marketing as the most common way of mobile marketing over the years now. But with the advent of Digital marketing, it has reduced to some extent.

But despite everything else, this is still used and cherished, since it has numerous benefits when it comes to customer viewership. So, is SMS marketing dead?

Definitely not!

Here I am going to list down several reasons why I believe SMS marketing will never go out of fashion. Also, with companies like UltraSMSScript, which help companies in text and sms marketing, the procedure has become really easy today. Besides this, there are numerous other software platforms which help the companies in reaching out to customers through mobile marketing.

Now let's look at why SMS marketing is still a trend.

High readership

How often do you think people respond to your digital marketing efforts? Do people open your emails always? Or do they click your links or even read your social media posts?

And when we talk about SMS, what do you think is the response rate?

People have so much to do on digital platforms, that they don't have time to go through each and every post of yours on social media. Plus, emails are also often ignored by people. But when it comes to SMS, they generally check what the message is about.

So in short, companies have high readership rate if they consider SMS marketing. Which also means, they can communicate their marketing efforts easily through SMSes.

 Increased customer engagement

SMS are known to be much more effective when it comes to engaging the customers. All the important updates, happenings in a company, etc. are known to reach customers effectively via SMS. And people also find it a better way of communication as compared to long emails.

For example, a dentist or dietician can better and effectively communicate on text, as compared to emails. You agree? Similarly, there are many other businesses and companies where text marketing has become an effective way of increasing customer engagement.

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What are Dental Braces and How do they help?

They give you that beautiful smile on your face.


You might have seen many children donning those braces on their teeth when you were young. Those are the dental braces, which have many uses when it comes to straightening the teeth.

Although there are various ways in which you can straighten your teeth. Those includes braces, as well as retainers. But braces are the most common method used by people all over the world. Before we move ahead and discuss on how they can help you out, let's first understand in depth what dental braces are.

Dental Braces

Dental braces are the little structures or devices that are used by dentists to align and straighten the teeth of their patients. They position the teeth properly with regard to their bite. They also aim at improving the dental health of people. Not just this, if you have to fill the space between teeth, it is the dental braces only that will help.

They are wire based mostly, that are fit on the teeth for a certain specific period of time. There are various dentists all over the world, such as, where you can get different kind of braces including clear aligners as well.

How do dental braces work?

The braces are put on the teeth for a long time. During that time, a lot of pressure is applied by the braces to slowly move the teeth in desired direction. As the pressure is applied, teeth move and the bone changes its shape. There are several components that go in making of the braces. And they are:

> Brackets - small squares that are bonded at the front of the tooth
> Bands - can be clear, steel, or same colored material as the teeth, and are cemented to the teeth
> Spacers - separators placed between teeth
> Arch Wires - attached to the brackets
> Ties - to fasten arch wire to brackets
> Buccal Tube - to hold arch wire securely on the last tooth
> Ligatures - tiny elastic rubber bands to hold wires securely to brackets
> Springs - to push, pull or close spaces in teeth
> Facebow headgear - wire gadget to move upper teeth backwards

These are some of the primary components that form the braces. Not all go into making the braces. It depends on what your purpose is, that the doctor chooses upon the components.

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