Is High School Bullying Anything Like The Movies?

Is High School Bullying Anything Like The Movies?

I'd much rather endure the bullying from Mean Girls than real High School.

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So we have all seen the movies. Whether it is Mean Girls, the High School Musical series, or Easy A, every movie has a similar perception on high school. But here is the real question: Does each high school have a a Sharpay Evans? A Regina George? As crazy as it sounds, some actually do. What is even crazier is your school's Sharpay may be a lot worse than the character in the movies.

I attended West Essex High School, where we had our own Regina Georges. Yes, plural. There was a group of girls who had their own big clique...And then we had our individuals.

When I first entered high school, I was excited for all that lay ahead of me: the new friends, the harder classes, the fun parties, and *ADD MORE* I even got myself into the cheer leading squad, which made me feel more confidant then ever. However, the cheerleaders each were assigned a football player. We each had to bake for our player every week, decorate his house, and design his driveway with slogans like "GO KNIGHTS!" or "TOUCHDOWN!"

One night we were assigned to make our football players a poster. (To omit his name, let us call my football player "Greg"). I decided to deck mine out with glitter, sparkles and pop up letters! I was really proud of my poster so I sent a picture to my friend. Unexpectedly, she responded "you loooooove him!" I responded that I was confused on what she was saying, and my friend proceeded to tell me that Greg's friend group starting a rumor that I had a whopping crush on him. To make matters worse, his girlfriend's friend group further spread the rumor by adding it to group chats left and right. I was mortified. Not only did I have zero interest in Greg, but I had a fling going with a senior boy (let's call him Chris) that I really liked. He texted me the next day saying "I don't want to see you anymore, you can go hangout with Greg." Now I was not only mortified, but also devastated.

The upcoming Friday arrived, and we had a big football game with a rival team. Good I thought. This will take my mind off of everything. Sure enough, it did - until I was smiling and cheering for our team when I looked up to find my mom in the stands. Instead of seeing my mom's bright face, I saw a girl from Greg's girlfriend's friend group. (Her name is Marissa. I personally don't believe bullies should have the opportunity to have their names omitted). Marissa looked me dead in the eye and gave me the middle finger while her friends around her laughed and giggled at the disgusting gesture.

A few months passed by, and the rumors began to blow over. I hadn't talked to Chris, I stopped cheer leading to avoid Greg, and Marissa still gave me nasty looks in the hallway when she walked by with her army of mean girls.

Bullying in High School now a days isn't about shoving people into lockers or throwing lunch trays at each other. Theres no girls making fun of you to your face - it's all behind your back now. Bullying is through group chats, twitter and screenshots. People are going to call you names and some people will hate you. However, just remember this: Roses are beautiful, but not everyone likes roses.

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