Is Equality Offensive?
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Is Equality Offensive?

Are movements towards equality offensive? I explore this idea based on reactions I have witnessed to equality movements.

Is Equality Offensive?

The fight for equality is not a personal affront to those who already have equal rights. Equality is about getting the same rights as others, not about getting more or taking away rights from the people who already have them. People who are not in the minority seem to think those who are, are personally against them to take away their rights and beliefs. This could not be farther from the truth. What minority groups want by seeking equality, is exactly that, to be equal with everyone else. They do not want to be better than others who had rights before them, and their plan is not to try to take those rights away. They are just asking to be granted the same rights, so that they can be equal human beings in our society.

I have recently noticed how people go on the defensive very quickly after a minority group raises awareness to the issues that plague them. To combat the police shootings of African Americans, the Black Lives Matter movement has been started. I have read and heard many insulted comments from those who are white. These people feel personally attacked and believe this movement is insinuating that the lives of African Americans are somehow more important than those of others. I have heard many arguments that believe the should the slogan be, “All lives matter.” However, this is exactly what the movement is trying to say. The movement is not putting the life of African Americans above others. Instead, it is asking for African Americans to be born with the same value of life as other races.

The slogan for this movement is already that all lives matter. The reason that they are mentioning African American lives specifically is because of the problems that have arisen with the police force when it is involved in African American shootings. The slogan is to raise awareness about how African Americans are not being treated as though their lives have the same value as others, because of the ongoing shootings specific to their community. The intent of this movement is not malevolent. Awareness about police brutality to African American citizens is simply trying to be garnered. The want their lives to be equal to those of other race. Thus, they want equality, not some other ulterior motive. The only intent is to remove racism in our society.

Men seem to also be on the defensive side when it comes to sexism. They seem to think that their jobs are at risk when women ask for equal opportunities and pay. However, women are not asking for men’s jobs to be taken away from them and given to them. They are asking for the same opportunities to get those jobs and to then be paid what a man is already currently paid in that position. Again, the issue is inequality and the Feminist movement is about receiving equality in society for men and women. It does not state that men should suffer, but that women should no longer have to. The goal is for women to be equal to men, not above.

The right to marry and adopt for gay or lesbian couples also makes heterosexual people think that they are somehow in danger of losing their lifestyle. Gay marriage is not about conforming other people into becoming gay. First of all, that could never happen because people cannot be converted to become gay. They are born that way and have no control over it. However, this idea of homosexuality makes many people uncomfortable. It seems wrong to them, but love is never “wrong”. Love is always love and anyone should be able to live lives fool of love to whom they are attracted to.

Gay marriage will not take away the right for straight people to get married. Nor will same sex couples adopting children take away that right from heterosexual couples. There will be no conversions of heterosexual people to homosexuality, because that is impossible. People who are gay simply want the same opportunities to show love and to build families. They should not be denied that because this makes some close-minded people uncomfortable.

The goal of equality is to rid our society of the issues of Racism, Sexism, and LGBTQ discrimination. These movements are designed so that everyone can have the same rights. In no way do these movements want to take away the rights that other people already have. This is a ridiculous concept, and one we need to rid our minds of in order to have a more accepting society. As a woman I support the feminist movement, but as a white, straight person I also support the movements to end racism and LGBTQ discrimination. I do not feel threatened that the equality of minority groups will take away my rights. Instead, I look forward to seeing them succeed in their goal for equality for a more compassionate society.

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