I come from a place located about 25 minutes from Columbus, Ohio. It's a small farm town where the surrounding high schools have "drive your tractor to school day" and 70% of the kids are members of the county 4-H and FFA. I'm part of that 70%. My family owns farms, we drive trucks and show animals in the county fair. My Southern Baptist church is full to the brim on Sunday mornings, and all of my friends and family attend.

But there's a catch.

If you walk into my room, you could see anything from a hat that says "Make America Great Again" to a sign that states "Make Art, Not War." I love tattoo's and I have one of my own, but I never thought that I would. I believe that people should do whatever they want and that if it doesn't impact my life then it's simply not my problem.

You will see me wearing anything from a "drug rug" with bracelets and moccasins, to boots with jeans, and a ball cap. There isn't an in-between.

I believe immigrants should be able to come here to seek a better life, but I also think that we need to keep our citizens safe.

I do not agree with abortion, but I think that if a woman is raped then it should be her decision on whether or not she wants to abort or raise the child.

If another country was to seriously threaten us then I believe we should take war measures; I do not think the government should abuse our military and I'm and advocate for world peace.

You can catch me listening to anything from Brad Paisley to John Lennon and The Beatles.

You could say I'm at a comfortable in between, but realistically I'm just doing what I believe is right. I was raised to love everyone, despite the color of their skin or their religious association. I don't care if you support Trump or Clinton. I couldn't care less about the shoes you wear or what your favorite brand of tee-shirt is. I love my president and my country, and I love all the people here. I will put anyone with a heart and a brain before myself and I respect anyone who respects me.

Call me a conservative, call me a liberal, call me anything you want. I'm here to make the world a better place. Regardless of who you are, where you're from, or what you do... I hope you are here to do the same thing. Be open minded all while staying true personal integrity and honesty.