"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it... he who doesn't... pays it"

If you've ever taken an economics course, you've probably heard this Albert Einstein quote. Or at least some form of it. Learning that investing just a small amount of money now can mean great wealth down the road is enough to turn an innocent student into a hopeful investor. It can honestly become overwhelming realizing that the sooner you invest, the more money you will have down the road.

There is no denying that money makes money. When put in the right account, money will continue to grow and create a much bigger pay day than it ever could have at present value. Although investing money beginning at a young age is undeniably valuable and important, there are other things to invest into as soon as you can that cost much less. (But also have a great pay out at the end.)

Here's four things that are arguably more important to invest in than just your bank account.

1. Your friends

These people are the family you choose. So beyond choosing them wisely, continue to make your friendships a conscious choice every day. Ask how your friends are doing, then follow up to remind them that you do, in fact, listen and care. Friendships are only as good as you make them. However, the more you invest in your friends, the better your life will be. Guaranteed.

2. Your health

This one is a no brainer. You get one body. The way you feed it, train it, and overall treat it will stick with you forever. Regardless of your age, the choices you make about how you fuel your body now will continue to affect you for years to come. Think not only about physical appearance, but also internal health to ensure happiness AND health for years to come.

3. Your education

School can get stressful, boring, or down right annoying. It's normal to feel this way. Different opportunities can also seem to outshine school right now, but there is no better path to be on than working towards further education. An education will take you wherever you want to go in life, so spend time investing in it now to ensure a fulfilling life. It will never get easier to work towards higher degrees and education levels, so do it while you can. You will never ever wish you knew less.

4. Your future

Each of these things to invest in, even money included, share one common theme: your future. No matter what you're investing in, a better future is in mind. Don't forget to invest in whatever will get you to the end point that you are striving for. Whatever you want, go and get it. Just remember you will have to invest time and energy into getting there, but it's worth it.

Time passes (really quickly)... And it will pass whether you want it to or not. Seize the age that you are, whatever it may be, and invest in what you want your life to look like. When it comes time to reap the benefits, you'll feel rich whether that be in monetary terms, happiness, or gratitude. But trust me, it'll be worth it.