Over vacation, I made the decision to purchase my first nicer camera. And what I mean by "nicer camera" is something that isn't a cell phone and isn't a point and shoot camera where the lens retracts. I'm talking about a nice camera with a big detachable lens. I recently purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T6. All you camera experts, I know what you are thinking, and this article isn't for you! I am a new camera user, and plan to only go up from here.

Before I had this camera, all I had was my iPhone 6 as my trusty photo taker. But in reality, it wasn't that trusty at all. With limited phone storage, I couldn't rely on my phone much. I got to the point where I would just rely on my roommate to take all the pictures on her nice camera and then send them to me later. As much as I appreciate her being our designated photographer, I thought it was time that I get my feet wet and take on the responsibility of taking some of the pictures myself.

With this, I realized that I really missed out on taking photos and deciding what and what's not important enough to capture forever on my 32 gigabyte SD card. It simply feels nice to create your own memories in this capacity. Plus, having a nicer camera will keep you more intentional in taking pictures then the last minute thought to snap a picture with your iPhone. On vacation, I was able to take a larger number of photos and have more fun with it. Now my family doesn't have to worry about scavenging for pictures to prove that we really went on vacation!

Now you may be thinking that you don't want to break the bank on a camera. Well you don't have to. Your average camera will be around $400, but you can find one for as low as $250. When I bought my camera, for $500, I got the camera, two detachable lenses, and a case. I also got a coupon for a free Shutterfly book with the purchase of my camera. It's not a bad deal for a piece of equipment that can last for decades. My mom has had her Canon camera for about 15 years and all is still running smooth. It's not a bad return on your investment.

With the cameras being more affordable than in the past, they are also equipped with more features. My camera has built in wifi and I can transfer photos directly from my camera to my phone wirelessly and anywhere regardless of whether I have wifi or not. Having wifi on a nice camera now makes it easier to post fantastic pictures on Instagram. However, these features means that you can purchase an older model without the features for even cheaper.

Whatever kind of camera you decide to buy, just know that it will be worth it. You'll be able to better store a lot of great memories and can pick up a new hobby all in one purchase. Plus, why not channel your hipster by being a photographer?