For those of you who have been wondering why I've been sharing so many Odyssey articles lately, I recently became the Editor in Chief of the Odyssey's Cape Cod community.

Odyssey is a social media platform with an editorial component. Here at Cape Cod Odyssey, we have a team of creative minds pumping out all different kinds of content on a weekly basis, from highlighting our favorite Cape Cod beaches to addressing issues in sports, schools and the communities around us. Some articles are silly, others address serious topics that aim to connect with people dealing with similar experiences.

On the new Cape Cod community page, you will be able to navigate those conversations within our Odyssey community like never before both by seeing our most recent posts and which articles are trending within the community.

The best way to follow this content going forward is to visit the page and follow it. If you’re not signed up with Odyssey yet - it’s super easy to become a user. And if you’re interested in becoming a content creator for our community, that’s also an option - just “request an invite to join” on our community page (down at the bottom right-hand corner). You don't have to be from the Cape to join; we are currently accepting creator requests from communities throughout New England. So, if you are looking to spread the word about issues that you feel passionate about, or if you simply want to write about anything and everything, Odyssey is the perfect platform to jump on.

My community and I thank you so much for your support and can’t wait to put out content that is worth your time.