The human eye is a perceptual powerhouse. It can see a large number of hues, change effectively to moving light conditions, and transmit data to the mind at a rate surpassing that of a fast Internet association.

While there is lot of talking about robotic contact lenses these days, so i decided to sit down for

Interview with Nicholas King:

Nickels has alluded to the production of a bionic focal point that has an installed round microchip which capacities to initiate as a luminescent for your eyes or vision.

Nicholas King 'Nickels' is a digital developer who creates fascinating videos on instagram. He has made an online presence with the work he uploads and we have him here for a short conversation.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your life. Was art always present?

My father was always interested in art. Any medium, could be film making, could be programming, could be primitive painting. I took after him and loved to create things while growing up. I slowly narrowed down my path and entered the digital world since I was also infatuated with computers and technology.

Q: What is your artistic background, when and how did you start? How did you end up with the style you currently work in?

I have a Bachelor's in Fine Arts. Although I went to school for computer programming at first, I switched majors after two years when I realized I needed to do something more creative and invigorating. I've always done something artistic, or creative and it all just kind of fell in to place because I would never fight it. I wanted to do motion graphics for a while, then I moved to 3D. In my industry, we basically had to work on everything, we were like a swiss army knife, and learned the ropes in almost all aspects. It gave me a lot of experience and knowledge on how I would tackle projects and I'm basically doing everything I've learned by experience. 3D tracking, modelling, animation, rendering, motion graphics for digital interfaces, and compositing.

Q: How do you usually work and where do you draw inspiration from?

It all starts from conversation. Usually people I would collaborate with would just have an open conversation with me about things, and we slowly narrow it down to actually working together. Once the ball gets rolling, it's hard to stop it. My inspiration is technology, new-age inventions, and anything we can see in our future.

Q: What do you hope your work achieves or invokes?

That's a deep question for something I do as a hobby. If I had to think about it, I would say that it's to keep our minds open, and welcome anything that could pave the way to a hi-tech future.

Q: Can you give us a few links to your work?

Yaw sure, Instagram and Youtube