Internships Are A Must

I am sure some of you reading this are sick and tired of hearing the word "internship." However, get used to it.

Statistics show that a degree is not a ticket that automatically provides a job. Students who participate in more internships, improve their odds of receiving full-time employment.

According to Huffington Post, increasing from zero to one internship increases the odds of attaining full-time employment by 9.176 percent.

Internships help college students create contacts and experience within the industries of their choice.

Along with experience, students who completed at least one internship tend to be happier. Internships give students the chance to try a specific occupation to see if they want to commit to it as a full-time career. Overall happiness will then increase due to their passion for their job.

Applying for internships can definitely be an overwhelming experience. Companies are looking for the "best of the best" with little to no pay being given, just experience.

Although it may be overwhelming, it is a vital tool to success.

Most times, internships are looked at as an "extended interview," meaning the company is observing your skills and knowledge to further decide if they want you to be a part of their company.

Prospective employers are looking for the professional skills you are learning through internships. You need to present your experience well on your resume to impress future employers. With these internships, it is important to focus on the skills you are learning and not so much the actual duties you are performing.

Typically, an intern improves a company in some way, so be sure to include this within your resume.

Hands-on experience is a huge part of internships. Learning through textbooks can only teach you so much knowledge. Being in an office or industry gives you the full-on experience. Observation is key when you are trying to learn new things.

Professional feedback comes along with internships as well. Most college students are used to being graded on tests and papers, but not receiving professional feedback from a work field. Getting feedback throughout the internship can help improve your skills and knowledge.

Making valuable connections is another opportunity that arises with internships. On your lunch break, you should take advantage of the wonderful professionals in the company and introduce yourself. Spending time building relationships with co-interns or co-workers can create an enjoyable work environment.

Staying in touch with fellow colleagues can create many opportunities you may not have thought of.

Getting your foot in the door is an important step to landing a career. Recruiters for internships are looking each and every day to utilize young college students to expand their companies and create experiences for them.

"The expert in anything was once a beginner."
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