International Students battle mental health issues while waiting to enter Australia
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International Students battle mental health issues while waiting to enter Australia

International Students battle mental health issues while waiting to enter Australia

International Students battle mental health issues while waiting to enter Australia


Many international students have to face lots of issues during their studies in Australia because of their timing and mismanagement of courses. Due to lockdown, Australia closes its border for all the incoming and outgoing students and all the students who want to go back to their homeland stuck in Australia because of their studies. In a single room, students spend the whole pandemic period with lots of stress and loneliness. Students discuss that they felt isolated like alone completely and felt overwhelmed.

They face lots of mental breakdowns due to such circumstances in Australia and take time to adjust in Australia to lockdown situation. after return back to their homeland, students also face problems due to online studies because their mental health is not able to accept all the information online. According to the Council of International Students Australia, almost 93% of the 607 students get affected by their mental health because of online studies. Many students have been diagnosed the depression and anxiety. Some students face the stress experience due to such kind of situation. Students suffer self-harm in their thoughts due to lockdown.

Early starts and power outages:

According to the suggestions of CISA, the government of Australia develops an outline roadmap for the students who can start planning their return and also allocate some funding towards finding new ways to deliver better online teaching. Different relevant industries and governments offer renewal fees for the student's health cover, penalties on breaking leases, and extension of Student visa.

Many students face financial pressure and due to this, they suffer mental health issues in their studies and life. This type of uncertainty is quite difficult for the students because their future careers and education fall at risk. In Australia, international students have to communicate with their overseas student Health cover insurance provider for their health coverage and services for their better support. Australian government develops international strategies like maintain our position as an effective and trusted partner in international education and give proper response to the changing environment.

According to different students, the government of Australia takes initial steps to provide complete support to their international students and maintain funding to manage their expenses during the lockdown. Effective strategy develops by the government of Australia helps their students to continue their studies by facing different challenges of their health and studies.

Students and their different issues regarding online studies:

Despite the closure of international borders, almost 39400 international students' visas were granted according to the Department of Home Affairs. For international students to enter Australia during the phased programs in the current year, the federal government has explained the border will remain closed. Students who are facing financial issues expected to pay thousands of dollars for their online studies but they didn't know when they move to their campus for getting knowledge.

Students also face the issue of power for their online classes; they face time clashes because their homeland and Australia have some time differences. Students face the stress of learning and loss of experience because they are not getting the study on campus. Students feel a great loss through online studies because they have not got any kind of work experience, not getting the facilities of libraries or cafes.

Students face a hard time during lock down because their studies get affected and they obtain less practical experience according to their studies. The Lockdown situation needs to be managing by effective strategies of the Australian government and provide maximum support to international students so they get benefit and a high degree for the studies.

Students not getting much out of their class:

Offshore visas offer to international students provide them to commence their studies online according to the Department of Home Affairs. COVID-19, moderated the impact of declining enrolment and contributed to $3.3billion from the tuition fees as the government research released in the current time and belong to all the international students studying outside of Australia.

When the students obtain reassurance about health advice and get relaxation for travel restrictions, they will be able to enter Australia. many students apply and are granted international student visas from Australia and they also move to Australia when the border will be open without any issue. But they also suffer the quarantine for attending their classes while living in Australia. According to different students, it is quite difficult to make friends while attending online classes but they get the experience to live in Australia and study with all the circumstances.

Taking classes in Australia with the quarantine is not easy but due to their courses and practical studies, they have to attend classes on their campus. Students have to manage all the circumstances with their studies and willing to complete their degrees with online classes and through campuses.

Destination changed by students:

Due to Australia and its reputation as an educational provider, many students want to leave Australia and shift to some other country. In the education sector, the situation is not effective in Australia. Students shift to their homeland and did a peaceful protest in their homeland because they didn't want to go back to Australia.

Despite the pandemic situation, Indonesian students were still keen to study overseas. Many students show their positive vibes that soon the border will reopen after granted the visa and some students avoid studying online through postponed their studies. Many students also move to the UK, US, or Indonesia for further studies instead of waiting to reopen the borders. By their practical courses, students unable to get an exemption for their diploma studies, job, belongings, and car by the Australian Health Management institute.

In practical courses, students also get a scholarship from other countries and move to other countries to get practical experience according to their work. The role of the government of Australia is not supportive of the international students and there is no chance to open the border soon. Australian government shows no hope to international students to continue their studies effectively or without facing
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