Sometimes, you just want to forget about your ordinary life and pretend you're an aspiring fashion blogger living your best life in Europe. These 22 Instagram accounts will not only satisfy your aesthetic wants but will also cause (extreme) jealousy and wanderlust.

1. @_constance_d

Instagram: @_constance_d

2. @reginaanikiy

Instagram: @reginaanikiy

3. @lucie.rose.mahe

Instagram: @lucie.rose.mahe

4. @etta.collective

Instagram: @etta.collective

5. @lesparisiennesdumonde

Instagram: @lesparisiennesdumonde

6. @amarenns

Instagram: @amarenns


Instagram: @anainparis

8. @lapetitevannetaise

Instagram: @lapetitevannetaise

9. @parisianvibe

Instagram: @parisianvibe

10. @carnivala

Instagram: @carnivala

11. @bentheliem

Instagram: @bentheliem

12. @k.els.e.y

Instagram: @k.els.e.y

13. @nuriamaa

Instagram: @nuriamaa

14. @lenamaria.s

Instagram: @lenamaria.s

15. @adrils

Instagram: @adrils

16. @cubicle

Instagram: @cubicle

17. @jixane

Instagram: @jixane

18. @fete

Instagram: @fete

19. @izisimundic

Instagram: @izisimundic

20. @emilie.tla

Instagram: @emilie_tla

21. @lissyroddyy

Instagram: @lissyroddyy

22. @rianne.meijer

Instagram: @rianne.meijer