When discussing future plans and success, people rarely discuss all it takes to reach a specific level of success. Especially with social media on the rise as it is, we often are misled by what we’d presume as being “overnight” success of celebrities. I cannot begin to mention the success of Instagram models that I’ve witnessed over the years of social media’s exponential growth; and while many of us tend to favorite, like, comment and retweet these celebrities (the same celebrities that in our bitterness we deem as being undeserving), we are ultimately feeding into their success without considering our own.

Well, I’d like to suggest that first thing’s first, comparison is far worse than curiosity in terms of devastation. What you can “imagine” you can achieve. However, what you choose to covet will be the brink of your demise.

What am I trying to say here?

Stop allowing the success of others to be the measuring rod of your own. If anything, the “overnight” success of anyone should be motivation for you to hone your own talents and strong suits.

The rise of others should motivate you to reach your own shine, because the reality is, overnight success is rarely the reality for many.

The profound Aubrey “Drake” Graham once wrote: “And, I’m convinced. I made sacrifices, I been ballin’ ever since. We seein’ so many blessings… Don’t make no sense . Someone watching over us, so shout goes out to him.” Now as the elder saints would say “If [God] did it before he can do it again," which is a timeless truth, yet may you never forget that you must do your part well.

Handle your own in terms of being a willing participant in your blessing and success. “Write the vision and make it plain." -Habakkuk 2:2

I’ve written this several of times, but whatever you perceive is certainly what you will receive. So, ask yourself what are you truly seeing when scrolling through media timelines that are filled with the Blac Chynas and Cardi Bs? Are you seeing envy and jealousy or are you looking at the possibilities in terms of your own dreams, and how you can manifest what it is you desire into fruition?

Use your media addiction as a means to finesse to make your own ends meet, remembering that inspiration can be found anywhere, at any time.