5 Reasons Why It's Ok To Document Your Life On Instagram
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5 Reasons Why It's Ok To Document Your Life On Instagram

We actually do want to see that gorgeous sunrise.

5 Reasons Why It's Ok To Document Your Life On Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that millions across the globe use to document their lives via photography/videography. Some users have abused this unique platform designed for people to see different parts of the world and stay in touch with others. We all have those people we follow who post unnecessary photos 12 or more times a day. There’s selfie girl, gym time guy, *inspirational quote* lady and “OMG I love my boyfriend so much” girl. This article in no way, shape or form condones the use of Instagram to post excessively photos of your food, housework or other mundane activities. However, this article does promote the use of Instagram for posting photos and videos of awesome experiences, trips and memories (as you should).

Here's why:

1. You’re living your life, and it’s pretty awesome.

If you’ve decided to spend your days lost in the woods on the top of a mountain, out on the coast catching that epic sunset or trotting the streets of the next city over, PLEASE show your followers. Many college students, like myself, have a sense of adventure and crave it! While you find yourself out and about in the world, it is so important to document the experiences you have. Life is about trying new things, seeing new places and learning as much as possible. Documenting these aspects of life is also important, so live it up and post it up!

2. Other people are most likely looking for inspiration.

You know that awesome rooftop restaurant with the skyline view? You went to that waterfall that no one really knows about? Yeah, no one else would ever want to check that spot out (not). Every epic post gives someone else the chance to have a similar epic adventure. I’m definitely a huge supporter of epic adventures for all. I think they've been proven to make life better overall (don't quote me on that).

3. Local businesses really appreciate it.

Social media is an awesome marketing tool. As a public relations/marketing student, it is absolutely amazing to see the impact social media has had, especially on small businesses. Most businesses and locations can be tagged on Instagram when you’re within a certain mile radius of the location. When I go to see an awesome landmark or business when visiting a city, I always tag my location. Businesses like restaurants, boutiques, markets, etc. are always getting extra business because travelers tag them on social media. Why not help the local shop owner by typing a few more words into the geo-locator?

4. A year from now, you can see everything you’ve accomplished.

Whoa, bro. How did you do all of that in a year? Personally, I think it’s always really cool to look back and see all the trips and memories that I was able to document over the past year. Also, thanks to Instagram’s handy dandy photo map feature, you can look at the actual geographic locations of where you’ve been!

5. You have the opportunity to learn about new places.

Almost every time I post a photo (or video) of somewhere I have been or about something I have done, I get a comment recommending something else I should do in the area. I am forever grateful for this because I get to continue seeing new places, meeting new people, trying new foods and enjoying this awesome life. All of it started because I posted a picture on Instagram.

So, while you’re out in this world traveling and doing interesting things make sure you take your iPhone or your GoPro. Snap a shot of that awesome mountain view or a picture of the rustic taproom in the local brewery you stopped by one Saturday afternoon, upload it to Instagram and tag the location with a catchy caption (because cheesy captions makes everything better). Who knows — maybe you’ll inspire someone to have the trip of a lifetime all because you wanted to share the fun you had one Tuesday night on the town!

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