As the 2018 Winter Olympic games begin in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the world came together once again for a 17-day festivity of sports and talents. Despite the differences between these nations, the Winter Olympic Games has promoted a sense of renowned nationalism among the athletes, bringing the world towards a united front. The 2018 Opening Ceremony incorporated great technology and skill to bring the stadium to life while broadcasting Korean culture in its wake. The stunning plays on light and fireworks brighten the arena with lively spirit and eventful cheer, with these five messages making the 2018 Winter Olympic Games one of the most memorable of the year!

1. Hope and Everlasting Peace

With the introduction of the shifting prairies and the white tigers and phoenixes, the Koreans exemplified a subtle yet strong sense of peace by depicting the journeys of the children from now to the present. Along with the traditional music choices of Korea, over a thousand performers joined together to create an astounding master piece surrounding the message of hope. The blend of colors creating the arena floor acts as a representation of the different spheres coming together to create an artwork of harmony and balance.

2. Unification

No doubt, the marching of North and South Korea as a unified state brought skepticism and fear; however, this marks a historical turning point as Korea becomes a joint nation for the first time. Not only does this march have significant symbolism, the Olympics itself creates a new front of athletic nationality.

3. Technological Advancement

Never before has a ring of fire or a snowboarder made up of drones lit up the skies of the Olympic Games. Nonetheless, Korea's presentation brought fundamental evidence to the advancements of technology that has been brought upon by human development. In comparison to other Olympic Ceremonies in the past, none of the countries have relied on and presented technology as much as the Koreans have, which thus showcase the technological advancement and superiority this nation has brought to the world.

4. Bright and Prosperous Future

The overall spirit that conducts itself over the athletes and their supporters is compounded by smiling performers and breathtaking projections that channel into a column of gold and a prosperous future. Each and every performance during the ceremony brought forth charged emotion and hope, which alluded to the Korean's message of peace and prosperity. With the unification of the world, the gold colors and bright charisma of each performance was yet another calling for greatness.

5. Appreciation and Nationality

Nationalism is nonetheless the fundamental factor fueling the Winter Olympics, and as the different flags wave brightly in the frigid air, nothing warms the heart more than the gratitude toward this opportunity. With each flag projection across the arena floor, the numerous cheers brings about a greater sense of appreciation and national spirit.

6. Musical and Cultural Appreciation

Not only does this represent traditional Korean culture, the performance portrays the culture itself as beautiful, gratifying and extremely complex. The many layers and emotions brought by the hundreds of drummers exemplifies the nature of Korean culture itself.

7. Spirit

As fireworks go off outside the arena, anticipation for the games sparks greater spirit among not only the athletes but also the fans. The previews of the beautifully constructed alpine slopes and ice rinks were enough to have the views drumming with anticipation. And thus, without further ado.....

Let the games begin!