Oftentimes, I find myself contemplating my musings during the later hours of the night. I have come to the conclusion that thinking is what keeps me awake.

It's during the evening when I'm laying in bed that my thoughts are most avid. They flourish uncontrollably and in endless waves that seem to have great significance in my life. However, most of my contemplations are of little value that in actuality contribute to unneeded stress. Why does it have to be so hard to just fall asleep? It is quite normal to take a bit of time reminiscing on the events of the past day, but the questions one asks themselves can be intrusive, and quite frankly annoying. I tend to go about my daily activities but when it is time to hit the hay I overthink step by step situations that have occurred throughout my day. Asking myself questions like, should I have gone about situations differently? Or did I complete school work due tomorrow? Questions such as these fill my mind.

All in all, it is pretty evident that I enjoy a great night of sleep! In fact I use to track my siestas with the Fitbit; however, such monitoring got old after a week. It fascinates me that such devices are needed to encourage and motivate one to get a better night's rest. This leads me to conclude that nothing in the 21st century seems to come naturally like it once was in the past. Why is this? I have found that technology, in particular, is a big contributor to the problem. The ability to have answers to questions with just a quick surf on the internet can be quite obtrusive; taking away from human creativity. One no longer has to think on their own terms. Can this be a hazard to humanity's ability to strive intellectually in the future? I believe so.

This leads me to my final question, should insomnia be considered a complete disadvantage? No. Although, one may develop a bad case of premature wrinkles the ability to have questions race back and forth in one's mind allows them to develop a strong creative mindset that technology seems to be taking away. Ultimately, the prowess to derive and contemplate questions can lead one to become less reliant on the internet. Therefore, although often times annoying one should not associate their insomnia as a dire problem; because with the bad comes an inherent shimmering hope of good.