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Six years ago, I was sitting on a train with my whole family. There was a college-aged girl sitting behind us, typing away on her laptop while also flipping through some textbooks that were sitting next to her. As the adults around me could tell that it caught my attention, one of them said, "She must have exams coming up." As a freshman in high school, that statement made no sense to me. Okay, she has a test, but why is she studying on a train? Why is she doing all this work on a Saturday? Why can't she take a break? Why is she typing so much?

Six years later, I understand her every action. Here are four explanations that every college student wishes people understood.

1. When the school week ends, the school work continues.

Unlike high school, college is not just 5 days a week. We may have classes 5 days a week, but Saturdays and Sundays always consist of working on assignments and preparing for exams. I give props to the ones who also have a job, because there is not enough time in the day.

2. Sometimes we have to study in unusual places.

Life does not come to a halt when there is an upcoming exam. So every spare second we have open to study, we use it. Whether it is a long car ride, a break at work or waiting at the doctor's office, we see that time as time we can spend studying.

3. We care about our education.

The stereotype of college students these days seem to be that all we do is party and drink. That stereotype seems to neglect the fact that most of us not only spend about 12 hours a week in class but also about 30 hours a week out of class just studying or completing homework. As well as many naps, because usually we get mentally exhausted from all the new information and memorization. Then let's throw in trying to spend time with friends, have a love life, have a job, grocery shop, and get a decent amount of sleep.

4. The partying we do is well-deserved

Do not get me wrong, I know there are students that party a majority of the days in a week, but the majority of us party once maybe twice a week at the most. Why do we do it? Well, because it is well-deserved. Just like it was explained above, we keep very busy during the week, and sometimes we just need a break. Sometimes we need a couple drinks to calm our stress. Your stereotypes are wrong. Partying is not all we do, but sometimes it does happen, and it is well-deserved.

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