Today if one observes culture from a disassociate perspective, one starts to notice subtle embodiment of self destructive, even pure suicidal, tendencies in society. Whether it is people making sarcastic references to hoping to die early/young or the systematic self destructive behavior of climate denial and political aggression/hegemonic policies and ideologies; the human species is actualizing internal distress as cultural and social destruction. These subconscious and unconscious desiring to end existence perpetuates and even amplifies hostile antithetical behaviors that pushed humanity to the brink of civilization collapse. Civilization collapse has always been the root of end times mentalities throughout history; it is a breed of dogmatism that gets embraced by religious fundamentalists, apathetical scientific systems, or philosophical dogmatists.

This antithetical way of thinking that acts as an internal conflict within ourselves, expressed on a collective level, is the driving force behind the potential extinction of the human species and the biosphere as a whole. One must acknowledge however, that this is only one aspect of humanity as a collective and as individuals; we are capable of correcting this error at any moment. The problem with end times philosophy is that it does not hold a cyclical perspective needed to make competent judgement. The fact that we are being pushed to the brink of the precipice of existence; the potential negative situation should be a reflection of the potential positive we could create if we got our act together. The sense of unalterable destiny perpetuating these antithetical mindsets are a cognitive contradiction that negates progress in relations to the rise and fall of civilizations seen in history.

Though civilization makes the future seem bleak, one should never forget that the average species statistically lives at least a million years. If we get over our arrogance and anthropocentrism, we must admit that we are no different than any other species that has existed. Therefore we too are perfectly capable of achieving such a survival rate; since homo-sapiens are only 200,000 years old. We are not destined to die, we are not some fallen creatures. Doomsday beliefs, apathy, and religious fundamentalism that make people wish for the end of the world are completely asinine and counterproductive. We have the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct culture and society in ways that can prevent the chaotic breakdown of civilization in order to refine civilization towards greater progression. Allowing the complete breakdown of civilization seen in this antithetical end times of mentality represents only immaturity and shortsightedness; no wisdom, rationality, or sanity is present in that way of thinking.