Standardized tests are a real challenge. Even after taking the SAT, you have to wait an excruciating week to see how you performed. Getting through SAT Score Day isn't easy, and here are a few thoughts you are bound to have at various moments throughout the day!

1. OMG OMG OMG! Today’s the day the SAT scores come out.

2. Should I just register for the SAT next month right now?

3. How bad can my score really be?

4. I definitely messed up those math questions…

5. And those reading questions...

6. And that writing passage

7. What SAT score does Georgia Tech even need?

8. 1500? Guess I'm going to have to abandon all hopes of going there…

9. Big deal. Who needs to go to Tech anyway

10. Stop freaking out. You don’t even know your score yet!

11. Trying to log into CollegeBoard, and realizing you forgot your CollegeBoard password

12. What was my mother’s maiden name again?

13. Guess I’ll never see my SAT scores.

14. Oh right, that's what the password was.

15. My scores aren’t ready yet? What does that even mean, CollegeBoard?

16. Kayley got her score, and we were in the same class!

17. I got an email! I GOT AN EMAIL.

18. This is it. It all comes down to this.

19. We’re going to be fine. We'll be fine—

20. Huh?

21. That’s better than expected.

22. Uh-oh, that’s way better than expected.

23. Did they accidentally give me someone else’s scores?

24. Guess I didn’t have to worry so much after all.

25. Of course, I didn’t have to worry. I'm so smart.

26. I’m going to get into college!

27. Hey, let me just take a teensy look at the ones I got wrong.

29. I cannot believe I got these wrong.

30. Standardized tests don’t really measure intelligence anyway.

31. Are you sure you know how to read?

32. Can you ever just read the entire question?

33. Ohhh, it was that one. I knew that.

34. I knew it was B. Why did I change it to C at the last moment?

35. I could have gotten, like, 40 more points if I didn’t make these mistakes!

36. Ahh well, I’ll just retake it next month and get a better score.

And the cycle continues!