What Pushes An Innovator To Innovate

Many times people view innovators as people hiding behind closed doors building amazing things in secret before it goes public. They view us as creating something in secret then selling it and never starting a business. Many business seminars push the idea of inventors never being entrepreneurs. However, I think that is far away from the truth. Multiple times inventors start and manage companies in order to push their original idea to the public even more.

This brings me to my next question, "What is an inventor?" In layman terms, I believe an innovation utilizes current or new technologies in order to make people's lives easier or accomplish a task better than what is readily available. This leads me to another question. What pushes an inventor to innovate? What does the end inventor really want to see?

For me, innovation is passionate. The best feeling to an inventor usually isn't solely monetary. An inventor loves the idea of seeing his product being used by people around the world. They love the idea of, "changing the world". Creativity for what an inventor wants to accomplish usually goes unmatched. I feel that one of the greatest sense of accomplishment is seeing someone use the hardware you created, or download the software you made, or purchase the item you designed, etc.

The thing that pushes me both as an inventor and sort of wannabe entrepreneur is the vision. The vision as in knowing something great is possible and how the feasible thing you are building does that "something great". This is what it really means to innovate.

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