5 Ingredients of a Successful Online Reputation
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5 Ingredients of a Successful Online Reputation

To build a successful online reputation, your brand needs to inspire trust with prospective customers, which takes more than just having a fancy logo and a website.

5 Ingredients of a Successful Online Reputation

If you have a business, you sell to people, and people like to buy from people they like. It's simple psychology. And although a lot has changed in the world of online marketing, that fundamental human nature hasn't. So, What makes a potential customer like you?

After 20 years of working with businesses of different sizes across several industries to acquire, engage, convert and retain customers online, I have found that building an effective online reputation (or likability) has little to do with the age of the business or resources but rather with thoughtful and consistent practices that are centred around how a brand is presented and represented to their target audience.

1. Start With a Great Product or Service

Any business that would thrive must be built on a solid foundation of authentic products or services that offer genuine value to customers. There hasn't been any time in human history that people have had as many choices as we do today. There is an abundance of innovation, information and accessibility. So, you must ensure that whatever you are selling gives your buyers their money's worth. Not only would this make you stand out from the competition and make your buyers happy, but it will also make them return for more.

2. Create a Sticky Brand

Once your product or service is something you are proud of, the world deserves to know about it. That is where branding comes in. Make it easy for customers to find and remember your brand. This entails a lot of thoughtfulness around your brand identity - your colours, logos, fonts, copy and even the tone of voice in your publications.

Sticky brands are memorable brands. And although it's possible to achieve this by yourself, it requires quite some skills and experience to create a brand identity and voice that resonates with the right target audience, so it might be more effective to seek professional help.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

3. Establish a Presence

With a brand that strikes a chord, you are ready to make a splash. Get started creating your online presence so customers can find you where it matters. Wherever they turn to to find businesses like yours is where you want to be.

Register your business on local business directories, create business social media accounts, claim a Google Business Profile, and of course, create a website that effectively showcases your brand, is easy to use, relevant to your target audience and optimised for mobile and speed.

4. Be Human, Be Responsive

People like to buy from people, especially from people they like. The more human your business is, the better you can connect with buyers and the more you can quickly build likability and trust. Make your business human-centred and develop systems and processes to enable this. Customer segmentation and personalisation improve the relevancy of your offerings and the ability to provide value.

Be responsive to customer comments on social media and reviews, including negative ones across all channels. Show empathy, apologise when necessary, include humour (where appropriate) and make customers feel heard. A negative comment from a disgruntled customer may not disappear, but so is your response, allowing you to show your true picture to the world.

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is the ultimate secret of a successful online reputation. Most businesses are good at the three practices above, but the true winners do them consistently. Your brand identity and tone of voice must be consistent at every touch point and platform where your business is present. Outdated information or content is confusing for buyers, does not inspire confidence and trust, and is certainly not the reason a customer would be reaching for their wallet. If you've updated your logo, ensure that the updated version is implemented on all channels.

This ensures that you are not creating a fragmented journey for potential customers whenever they encounter your brand. Every component of your online presence should be another piece that adds to a single brand story and enriches it.

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