7 reasons why an influential body language is a must for a teacher in class!

7 reasons why an influential body language is a must for a teacher in class!

Out of a thousand of teachers like you, some struggle to draw attention from their students, whereas some not only succeed in drawing this attention but also leave an indelible imprint on their students' minds.


The former often end up wondering if the latter have some magical means to handle their students. If you too, find yourself wondering about the same, then you ought to know the difference in the way of communicating with students, where all the magic lies. You may be neglecting the importance of body language in communication while communicating with your students. Therefore, this article focuses on driving your attention towards using an influential body language, as a tool of non-verbal communication by highlighting 7 reasons which make it a must for you.

To make your message easily perceptible:
Simply speaking and not supporting what is being said with suitable actions, gestures and facial expressions makes your conversation ineffective. This is because these elements of body language transmit two-third of the message which you are trying to communicate. For instance, if you smile calmly before saying something, students will perceive that the message you are about to convey is positive in nature. This means half of your task gets done already without even speaking anything. Therefore, if you use appropriate body language while teaching, the amount of effort you have to put in making students understand what you mean, gets reduced considerably.

To influence your students in a positive manner:

As a teacher, you have to motivate your students to undergo an overall transformation in themselves. For this, you have to help your students in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and guide them to work on these. Your students pay heed to your advice only if they find you to be influential enough. Powerful body language filled with confidence is what builds your influence on students with time. Thus, right from the first day, you have to portray a powerful body language in front of your students to ensure that they find you to be influential and authoritative.

To establish great student-teacher relationships:

It is vital to establish a good relationship with your students. This is because this relationship serves as a medium for you to understand your students. Once you understand them well, you get to know about ways to handle them and their mischief. By having a calm and open body posture, you offer your students an openness which provides them an opportunity to share their troubles and problems with you. Thus, having an open body posture fosters a healthy relationship between you and your students. To showcase your openness, you have to face your students with a smile along with your shoulders relaxed and your hands placed apart in a comfortable manner.

To initiate a two-way communication:

If you face the problem of non-responsiveness from your students to your questions, try inculcating a calm and composed body posture. This will save you from appearing to be too intimidating to your students and open a gateway for two-way communication between you and your students. Therefore, you have to learn to express yourself through your body language, in order to ensure that you exhibit right body posture at the right time.

To perceive the body language of your students:

As a teacher, you have to be able to understand what goes in the minds of your students, just by having a look at them. For this you need to have a piece of good knowledge about various types of body postures, gestures and facial expressions along with what they indicate. This will enable you to be a step ahead of your students and cater to their needs without them even asking for your help. Thus, by understanding the body language of your students, you can manage your class well.

To make your students follow your commands:

Trying to exercise your control over your students just by molding your tone of voice is something that proves out to be ineffective most of the time. There is no need to louden your voice to make your students follow your commands. Instead, you have to portray a strong and confident body language that speaks for itself and instills your students to follow what you have said. It is said that we perceive better on a visual level then we do on our auditory level. Therefore, by backing up the modulation of your voice with appropriate body language, you can successfully exercise your control on your students, whenever needed.

To enhance your self-confidence:

You may find it a challenging task to tackle so many students together at a time. Self-confidence is a personality trait that helps you to handle a large number of students together with ease. Although it is said that self-confidence comes from deep inside you but the vice-versa is also true. This means that your portrayal of a confident body language can boost up your self-confidence. This boost in your self-confidence makes you feel optimistic and equips you with an ability to tackle all students of your class in a good manner.

To conclude, it is necessary for you as a teacher to practice effective body language along with learning to interpret the body language of your students. Portraying an appropriate body language not only makes your message easily perceivable by your students but it also helps you become self-assured and confident. Thus, having an influential body language is a must for every teacher in class.

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