"The wind was blowing in my face and my arms held high. I almost forgot someone was helping me not to float away." Have you ever dreamed of free fall like in movies or even experiencing the thought of "floating on air"? These are not just fantasies. Ever heard of indoor skydiving? Afraid of heights you say? Well, there is a fun and safe solution for you.

People are afraid of skydiving for understandable reasons. Some common fears are the parachute not deploying, being scared of heights, the landing, and the fear for one's life. But what if all of those troubles were simply non-existent? It is called iFly.

iFly is an indoor skydiving experience for people of all ages. There is no parachute, no airplane to jump from, and no need to fear the thousands of feet. It is just you and the air beneath. At the iFly website, they explain how it is all possible. It is a wind tunnel controlled by fans from above and a system that regulates the air inside the tunnel with the ability to change the wind speed, which in turn is how people can "float on air". Thus, making indoor skydiving possible. What most people may not know is that indoor skydiving is a sport, also called body flight.

iFly currently has 25+ locations across the United States in places such as Virginia Beach, Houston, San Diego, and Seattle.

Your experience at an iFly location would go as follows. You start with arriving at the nearest location. They suggest that flyers arrive before the scheduled flight time in order to prepare and for the allotted time to get comfortable. Each location has an easy sign-in kiosk and for the use of signing waiver pre-flight. Staff suggests that one check-in is complete that you head over to the waiting area for your pre-flight preparations. Before you begin your flight, a certified instructor will introduce his or her self and explain the training video as well as go over important rules.

Then follows the gearing up for your flight! iFly provides you with a suit, a helmet, and goggles for protection. When it comes time to enter the chamber for your experience, your flight instructor will ask you to be just like super man and from there will guide you while in the wind tunnel. For the post-flight, your instructor will assist you out of the wind tunnel to return your gear and to hand out a certificate of completion!

Upon request, iFly does offer videos and photographic images of your experience.

Once you have completed your flight, people who choose to fly again receive discounts on future flights. Their website makes it easy to pre-schedule and pay for your experience ahead of arrival. iFly provides gift cards as a unique way to celebrate birthdays and host corporate events. If you find yourself among the people who go time and time again, consider looking into further flight training to become an instructor and to meet thousands of people all over the world who share the same passion.

So, afraid of jumping out of an airplane? Not to worry, iFly is an experience that will change your life.