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Indian cricketers have been phenomenal on the field since the beginning and have been dominating the game for decades. The Indian cricketers have achieved immense success on the field.



Indian cricketers have been phenomenal on the field since the beginning and have been dominating the game for decades. The Indian cricketers have achieved immense success on the field.

When it comes to off the field, the cricketers have been well taken care by their wives. Let us discuss about some famous cricketers and their wives.

Rohit Sharma is the present all format captain of the Indian team. He has been phenomenal with the bat and as a captain.

When it comes to off the field, his wife Ritika Sajdeh has been the backbone of the family and Rohit Sharma. Ritika is a sports manager who manages all the dealings of the Indian captain.

Ritika has been an all rounder who manages the dealings of Rohit Sharma, her daughter, all the household stuff and the whole family.

The story of Ritika and Rohit goes back to 2008 when the couple met for the first time during an advertisement campaign. Soon they became friends, then best friends and eventually lover who stayed with each other for life time.

The couple got married in 2015 and have a daughter Samaira. Ritika frequently visits the stadium to support her “ RO “ and cheer for him.

The couple have been one of the best couple in the Indian cricket scenario.

  • 2.Virat Kohli Wife – Anushka Sharma

At present Virat Kohli is the best batsman in the world and arguably one of the best in the history of the game. He makes batting look easier than it actually is. The batsman has more than 70+ centuries on his name.

The prime reason behind the success of Virat Kohli as considered by him is his wife, the Bollywood queen Anushka Sharma. Anushka Sharma is a Bollywood actress and film producer from India. She has won many honours, including a Filmfare Award. She is one of India's highest-paid actresses, having been in Forbes India's Celebrity 100 since 2012 and in Forbes Asia's 30 Under 30 list in 2018.

She broke the internet when she married India’s most eligible bachelor in a private ceremony in 2019.

Virat Kohli always says he is what he is because of Anushka. While Virat was struggling with his form since 2020, everyone gave up hopes on him but he said his wife stood beside him and played a major part for him to get over it.

The couple also has a beautiful daughter named Vamika Kohli.

  • 3.Hardik Pandya Wife – Natasa Stankovic

Hardik Pandya is one of the best all rounder for the Indian team who is a medium fast bowler and a middle order hard hitting batsman.

Hardik Pandya is married to the Serbian dancer and Model Natasa Stankovic. The couple broke the internet when Hardik Pandya posted a video of him proposing to Natasa.

As the metaphor goes, behind every successful man, there is always a women, in this case Natasa has been the lady for the Indian all rounder. When Hardik had lost all hopes of returning for the Indian team, Natasa held her nerve and motivated him to get back in form.

After having a bad injury, selectors were clear either Hardik Pandya should become a good bowler again. Hardik Pandya was in a do or die situation when he was not retained by the Mumbai Indians for IPL 2022.

It was Natasa who stood right there beside him holding his hand and helped Hardik make a great comeback.

Hardik and Natasagot married on 31st May 2020 and have a little boy named Agastya. The couple have been one of best power couples in Indian cricket.

  • 4.Irfan Pathan wife – Safa Baig

Irfan Pathan is an actor and former Indian cricketer. He was a bowling all-rounder who was a member of the Indian cricket squad that won the first 2007 ICC Twenty20 World Cup as well as the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

Irfan Pathan married the very renowned model Safa Baig who hails from Dubai. Irfan Pathan was at his peak when he met Safa for the first time in 2014. It was love at first sight for the swing king whereas Safa met her as a fangirl.

Soon the relationship bloomed and Safa held the hand of Irfan Pathan. Safa Baig has been the back bone of Irfan Pathan since the beginning and has helped him to get through all the ups and downs of his career.

Safa always took care of everything which she thought could affect her husband mentally before every game so that her husband could deliver the best for the country.

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