Confidence is something that comes in all shapes and sizes. It is not something you are born with, but something you produce. Confidence is the way you take pride in something, or into yourself. Confidence is not a game or toy, but an element that you must find within yourself. Let's talk about confidence and how anyone can increase theirs.

I am a very confident person and yes, it took me time to be as confident as I am. I have encountered many negative comments throughout my life, but what people say isn't relevant unless you make it relevant. I've learned that giving attention to negativity will only result in turmoil for yourself because you will begin to believe the negative things people say or do towards you. I tune out anything negative because I know that it doesn't help me to become a more confident person. Relevance is significant in life and everything doesn't deserve to be of relevance to you or your life.

Trust in yourself.

Everyone has flaws. Everyone is insecure about something. Everyone battles with something. These elements should not define you or consume your life because they all deal with negativity in some way. I learned to trust in myself to believe that I am beautiful, talented, funny, strong and overall amazing. By trusting in yourself, you will be able to produce a higher confidence level. You will be able to walk into a room and know that you demand unique attention from people.

This matters because confidence is recognized. People will recognize that you are a strong, confident person based on your demeanor and authoritative presence. Walk into a room with your head held high. No slouching around or eyes to the ground because that shows people that you are not sure of yourself.

Know that there is no other like YOU.

There is only one me and can only be one me. I believe that no should or can compare you to someone else because you are not them and they are not you. Yes, there may be someone who has a better smile than you or more money than you, but no one will have your personality. You are who you are and were created for your own purpose.

I know that I'm the only Jada Boyd who can light up a room, make everyone life, overthink everything, is caring and open, and have one of the silliest laughs you will ever hear. Taking the time to focus on what makes you great is important because the foundation of this is positivity and realizing what makes you different and stand out from everyone else.

Confidence is a character trait that must be possessed through time and effort. You have to want to believe that you are powerful. Showing your beauty is important. Beauty is not limited to physical features, but intellectual and mental features as well. You can achieve the person you need to be by challenging yourself to focus on your confidence level and what makes you an EXTRAordinary person.