As I sit on my bed, thinking about what I can quickly write about before band and get this article in on time, I look at the plant that is in my room. Kind of as a gift, my uncle Jim gave my mom a plant that he had and then my mom gave it to me to put in my dorm. We call the plant Marie (after my nana), and as I look at the plant I wonder what would happen if plants had a mind of their own. So in the best way that I could, this is my interpretation of going into the "mind" of Marie my dorm plant.

I see the sunrise every morning, and I see the sunset every evening. I don't really get sleep because what is sleep when you are a plant? You go through a lot, even if it means that you're just a decoration. Someone has to care for you and make sure you stay alive. Just like how humans are when they care for themselves and others.

Did I just get deep there? Yes, yes I did. I'm not ashamed. Being a plant might not be a lot of work but hey it is.

My owner is in and out of her room a lot. I see one of her roommates a lot, and she is really nice. They talk to each other like they've known each other for a long time even though they've only lived with each other for a little over a week. For a week, my owner was alone and that was because she was at band. Now with school starting, band is only an hour and 45 minutes. I can tell she's cramming in this article as fast as she can before going to something for band.

I even see her when she is working on homework. Sometimes she can be struggling but soon she'll get the assignment. There are some points where she can forget things. The other day, she almost forgot her keys, and I say almost because she came back and got them. She forgets to water me at times but the other day she finally did. I think her mom told her to.

It's nice to see things from a perspective like this. From seeing people come and go from the parking lot that the room faces to seeing my owner smile and be focused on school and social life. I hope for many good memories to see with her this year.