Like many other misunderstood youths, I have always dreamed of being on "Saturday Night Live" (except for that one year I wanted to be president). Sadly, I lack one crucial necessity (talent) and so I've resigned myself to my fate of obscurity. With or without me, SNL will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always respect it for what it is: an American institution. For the last 40 years and 11 days (as of today), Saturday Night Live has transcended the small screen, becoming an integral part of our nation's cultural history and serving as a visual time capsule, with each episode reflective of America at the time of airing.

It was recently announced that presidential-hopeful Donald Trump will stand on the iconic stage to host on November 7th. While he has hosted in the past, he appeared for what he was and is: a semi-clueless business man with more money than God Himself. However, his recent political aspirations have been fraught with a myriad of vitriolic slander against anybody who isn't a WASP with six figures sitting comfortably in the bank, leading many to lash out against the upcoming episode.

While I agree that Donald Trump's airtime on TV should be limited, and his (intentional) comedic timing is all but nonexistent, I wholeheartedly believe that he should host Saturday Night Live. His current popularity in the polls speaks volumes about the current state of our country. Like it or not, folks, this is the America we're living in, and Saturday Night Live has always been consistent in two things: making us laugh and accurately representing America's fads, crazes, and ideologies (no matter how warped).

Looking at the first few seasons, it is apparent that while SNL may not always stand the test of time, it has always offered an honest glimpse into America's history and has never shied away from throwing politics into the mix. Granted, there has never been a candidate quite like Trump (and at the risk of sounding biased, please dear God in heaven never let there be another one again), but nonetheless, he represents a large faction of American voters. Trump currently leads the Republican polls with a whopping 32%, and while SNL did not have to ask him to host, I am certain that the episode will serve as a sobering reminder of our national political sentiments when we look back on it years from now.

"What were we thinking, America?" - Me in 2065

"Saturday Night Live" is one of our best friends and Donald Trump is the crappy boyfriend that you can't stand, but you sit back with the comforting knowledge that in a week, your friend will drop them like the steaming sack of hot garbage they are and move on (to someone like Elizabeth Banks who will host on November 14th). While I'm not encouraging anyone to boycott the episode (Love ya, Lorne!), if you do feel upset by the show's choice of a host, just ride out the storm and tune in the following week.

It will still be funny, it will still be timely, and Donald Trump will no longer be gracing the stage of Studio 8H.