When You're The College Girl With A Chronic Condition

When You're The College Girl With A Chronic Condition

I won't allow my pain to stop me. I won't allow my condition to control my life.

College is hard. Not just the school work, the tests, the essays or research papers. Not just balancing a social life, sleep, and maintaining a good GPA. But all of it, from organizations, GPA, social issues, peer pressure, somewhat learning how to be an independent adult, finding yourself, and making important life decisions.

It's a crucial part of our lives for those of us that choose this particular path, and it's not easy. But when you happen to get a chronic health condition thrown your way on top of the usual college, or just life, stress, things gets harder.

Professors don't always want to work with you when you miss an exam for a doctor's appointment since it's the third time it has happened that semester, even if you can't help it because your specialist is only available on certain days.

It's not always easy to understand material when you miss a lecture (I don't understand how some people skip).

Club leaders aren't always sympathetic when you can't make an event because you're having an episode and can't make it out of the bed.

Not everyone is going to understand, or even try to.

Your new friends might not understand why you're just really down some days. They might not get why you can't drink with them because you're not supposed to drink with the new medicine your doctor prescribed you. They might not get why you don't always act like the rest of them.

It is okay though if they don't understand or if they aren't sympathetic. What they don't see is that because we are dealing with everything they deal with, plus a health problem that sometimes tries to take over our lives. We are some of the strongest people they will ever meet. We can handle just about anything, because we pretty much already do. We might not act like the normal college kid, but that's because we aren't.

And the most impressive thing is that regardless of everything, we don't let it stop us. We join that sorority or fraternity, become a member of that club, go to that formal or football game, and we try our very best to have an absolutely normal college experience. We schedule our surgeries around tests, we take our medicine in our bag so we can take it on the go, we try to manage the pain on our bad days, and we push through.

In the end, we know we won't ever truly get sympathy or a break from the people in this world, and we don't need it. We know there is a reason for it all, and we will come out stronger in the end.

So for those of you fighting through college, a job, or even life with a chronic disorder, disease, condition: push through. Prove that you are strong and that your health won't hold you back.

Prove that you can do it because you can.

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13 Gross Things Girls Do That Boys Don't Know About

From a girl, about girls.

There's always talk about how gross boys are all the time, it's now time to talk about how gross maybe even how much more disgusting girls can be. It may not even be disgusting, but just weird, but we are girls. What can we say?

1. Gorilla legs.

It's not that we don't want to...okay, that was a lie. Every girl can agree that they only shave during bathing suit season when you're wearing a dress, or when you're gonna get it on. Basically, If she shaves her legs you're special.

2. When did I last wash this bra again?

We wear the same exact bra, for days, and weeks, and who knows for how long.

3. It's not just the bra's, it's the pants too.

We wear jeans and leggings like twenty times before we think about washing them.

4. We don't wash our hair every day.

Because unwashed hair is the best styling hair. Also because looking good takes too much work.

5. We are always picking at our faces, especially pimples.

As soon as we walk by a mirror, its a must. Car mirrors are awesome to pop those suckers and pluck rampant eyebrow hairs. We pop pimples like its our job.

6. We will live in your clothes.

If you somehow let your significant other or friend wear your sweatshirt you're never getting it back... and she's never taking it off. Girls will wear that sh*t until your scent is gone because we love it.

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Believe it or not... it happens to us too. Women don't make it as much as a show as boys do. We hide it from you and will hold it until you're not around. And you've probably received a lot of selfies on the toilet.

8. The dreaded monthly gift.

Probably the most disgusting thing to ever happen to the human body. But everyone knows about menstruating, but most guys don't understand the other things that come along with it, like the cramps that bring period farts and the nasty bowel movements and blood clots.

9. Finding hair from our head in our butt cheeks.

Yeah, it's a thing. Your head hair crawls it's way down there occasionally.

10. We smell ourselves a lot.

We are super conscious about how we smell...especially down there.

11. We let it fly.

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12. Sometimes we have to improvise.

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13. Looking at our panties and trying to figure out what came out.

Sometimes you just don't know for sure.

Cover Image Credit: Buzz Feed Blue

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11 Things You Should NEVER Say To Someone With An Eating Disorder

11. "Are you doing this for attention?"

Although Demi Lovato, Russell Brand, Portia de Rossi, Zoë Kravitz, Kate Winslet, Janet Jackson, Princess Diana of Wales, Jane Fonda and more have come out and spoken about eating disorders, they are still a taboo topic and something that people still get shamed for. Unfortunately, throughout history, mainstream media has reinforced negative stereotypes about eating disorders, and with that, encouraged people to reinforce these ideas. Now, let's get on the same page. Eating disorders are believed to derive from a combination of psychological, biological, & environmental abnormalities in a person's life. So with that being said, there are a lot of people who know what to say, and not to say to a person who struggles with one of Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder. However, there are still many people who don't know what to say. So for those of you who don't (or who may have already stepped in the ish), this is for you.

1. You're not thin enough to be anorexic or bulimic

Okay, so this is where media has pushed stereotypes on you, so let me help you with this. I'm going to make this crystal clear. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT SIZE A PERSON IS. THEY CAN STILL HAVE ANOREXIA OR BULIMIA. And you pointing out their size does not help the matter. In fact, it could actually feed into the mindset of needing to lose more and more weight.

2. B.E.D. is just an excuse for you to eat more.

Actually, eating disorders have to be diagnosed by a psychologist and then you work with a team of doctors to work on recovery. So I'm fairly sure that if I just wanted to eat, it wouldn't warrant a clinical psychologist, nutritionist, etc.

3. If you would just eat, you could get better.

Well I guess we should just fire the physicians and psychologists that actually went to school for this and hire you since you understand the intricate workings of the mind. (That's sarcasm).

4. If you would eat in moderation you could get better

Really? I'm sure the person with B.E.D. never thought of that.

5. I wish that I had the will power to be anorexic/bulimic. I could lose so much weight

This is actually part of a comment made by a celebrity during a story that was being told on an American talk show (it was a guest not a host). But, I'm sorry...what? You want(ed) to make yourself sick and hurt your body so you can lose weight? It isn't will power that makes someone become anorexic/bulimic, it is a mix of psychological, biological, & environmental abnormalities in a person's life. And trust me, it is not something that is an easy thing to live with. You don't want to live like this if you don't have too!

6. Well just schedule your meal times to cure your B.E.D/Anorexia/Bulimia

I'm sure that anyone with B.E.D./anorexia/bulimia has never thought of that. Oh wait, they probably have. Along with which new fad diet to try, how to lose weight, etc. Please look up the symptoms of these disorders before saying something like this.

7. What took so long in the bathroom? Were you throwing up again?

Dude, seriously? Not Okay...AT ALL!

8. Why don't you eat healthier? or Do you really want to eat that?

Honestly, you just shouldn't say this to anybody.

9. You're looking bigger/thinner, does that mean you're eating disorder is gone?

No Debra, it doesn't. It means that treatment is working and the person you're talking to most likely still struggles with the urges to binge, purge, or restricting themselves from food. It takes time to get better. Chill dude.

10. But you've been in treatment forever!

I'll repeat myself (grabs megaphone and clears throat) IT TAKES TIME TO RECOVER FROM AN EATING DISORDER!

11. Are you doing this for attention?

Nobody would either pretend to have, or develop an eating disorder for attention. Like I said before, people with eating disorders are treated by physicians and psychologists.

Cover Image Credit: Hostel World

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