In Case You Haven't Heard, Australia Is On Fire!
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In Case You Haven't Heard, Australia Is On Fire!

This is a humanitarian crisis, and we need to help.

In Case You Haven't Heard, Australia Is On Fire!

How Much of Australia Is Burned?

As of today, the 2019-2020 Australia bushfire season has burned almost 11 million hectares, around 6000 buildings, and around 30 people. To put these numbers into context, a single hectare is comparable to the size of a football field. If you remember the insanity that was the California wildfires, this is 80 times larger than that.

Wildlife Casualties

It's been estimated that over 1 billion animals have been killed by these fires, and numerous indigenous animals have been pushed to the point of extinction. People are currently exploring the ravaged land for surviving animals and housing them or bringing them to sanctuaries.

Current Issues

Millions of people are breathing in the polluted air/battling breathing issues, continuing to lose their homes, and are running out of basic supplies like food and water after evacuations. Everyone is dealing with the repercussions of this tragedy.

What You Can Do To Help

The first and foremost way to help is by donating to the services that are fighting the good fight. With the influx of issues at hand, organizations are struggling to keep up with the demand and don't have the financial means to handle everything.

Consider donating to:

Country Fire Authority (CFA)

NSW Rural Fire Service

Save The Children

Wildlife Warriors

Water Stations For Wildlife

Australian Red Cross

Koala Hospital


Victorian Bushfire Appeal

What Now?

We hope for the best, and that all of the firefighters risking their lives can contain the rest of the fires. Any donation will help change the lives of people and animals for the better.

Due to the immense carbon dioxide impact that these fires have on the environment, I strongly encourage everyone to remember to reuse bags, water bottles, and eating utensils. As well, do your best to cut down on buying single-use plastics and encourage others to do the same. #AustraliaFires

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